Classics: Mélody is 45 years old: what becomes the unforgettable interpreter of it's not just the big ones who dream?

After 26 years, Valentino Rossi will retire from MotoGP at the end of 2021

  After 26 years, Valentino Rossi will retire from MotoGP at the end of 2021 Valentino Rossi will retire from MotoGP with at least 89 wins, 235 podiums and seven championships at the top level.Superlatives are easy to express.

Mélody a 45 ans : que devient l'inoubliable interprète de Y'a pas que les grands qui rêvent ? © Melody Archives INA Mélody is 45 years old: what becomes the unforgettable interpreter of there is not that the big people who dream? This face and the name undoubtedly marked the end of the 80s. With it not that the great dreaming, the young 12-year-old singer experienced a huge success, but failed to transform the test. While she celebrates January 20 her 45 spring, what had become Melody?

"There is not that the great dreaming / there's not that the big ones who have feelings / I would like it kiss me on the lips / not like a child", it's with this crissant chorus That in 1989, Melody, pretty twelve spring blonde makes a real carton in Hexagon . Discovery by Jean-Pierre Millers, who produces it with Orlando, the brother of Dalida , the girl enters the top 50 with his title. Three months later, the disc settles firmly in second place of best sellers in France, only supplanted by Jive Bunny and the Medley from the 60's Swing The Mood .

Leverkusen with dream duo against Hertha

 Leverkusen with dream duo against Hertha Bayer Leverkusen convinced in the Europa League - now the next step must follow in the Bundesliga against Hertha BSC. The new dream duo should judge it. © Provided by Leverkusen with dream duo against Hertha Moussa Diaby and Florian Wirtz shone against Betis Seville as a congenial duo and led Bayer Leverkusen for the first victory for over two weeks. Now the next success experience should follow against Hertha BSC.

At the origin of the words of the song of Melody, Guy Carlier . For the one who is now known for his talents of humorist (vitriol) and chronicler has also worn out of his pen to write songs, which does not kill us makes us stronger on the album My truth of Johnny Hallyday , it's still him. Returning on his meeting with melody in one of his chronic collections I brought my radios: letters and chronicles, Guy Carlier remembered that the teenager dreamed especially " of meet Roch Voisine of which she had Poster it on the wall of his room. "

Melody, a success, and after?

The success at the rendezvous, it is asked to guy carlier to write a second title . But the image of Melody " disguised as a woman, makeup, with his miniskirt of satin and belly in the air ", puts the father of Carlito uncomfortable . " Shame made me blush and I refused to write the next song", reveals. This is the beginning of the end for melody. Star trolley, his following title is a success of esteem who has nothing comparable with that of it's not that the great dreaming. Then the album dances your life coming out in 1991 does not meet its audience.

Sting thinks other artists will make shadow to his new album

 Sting thinks other artists will make shadow to his new album The singer thinks that artists such as Ed Sheeran and Adele will make shade to his new disc. © Bang Showbiz Sting Sting believes that his new album will probably go unnoticed because of the new disks of Adele and Ed Sheeran. The 70-year-old musician unveiled his 15th album "The Bridge" last month, about the same dates as the album "30" by Adele and "Equals" of Ed Sheeran, and even if he knows that He can not overcome the two mega-stars in the charts, he admitted not to be too worried.

Guy Carlier tells in chapter Mélody forgotten the return to an ordinary teenage girl life for the child's child: "Mélody, once again again Nathalie as if midnight had sounded at the Show-Biz's ball, returned home, returned to college" .

According to many concordant melody sources resumed its real name, Nathalie Lefebvre. The Belgian would have married in 2004 and would have had a son.

If the young singer failed to transform the trial, his song she continues to charm the crowds. In 2021, The Little Valentina took over this success , giving it to know the new generations. In 2018, the singer Juliette Armanet , had also delivered his magnificent version of Guy Carlier's song. One way to offer melody posterity and tell him that we have not forgotten.

Dream Trainer Knauf: "The moments of which you dream of as a child" .
Eintracht Frankfurt did not miss much to the Sensation against the FC Barcelona. Despite an impressive performance against the Bluegranana, one annoyed at the SGE at the end a little, self-dream wools Ansgar Knauff. © imago / Jan Huebner The shot in luck: Ansgar Knauf brings Frankfurt against Barcelona with a dream gate in the lead.

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