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Classics: before 70th throne anniversary: ​​Queen Elizabeth II. Traveled to Sandringham

Gottschalk sees in "betting that ..?" - Jubilee show unique thing

 Gottschalk sees in The special edition of the ZDF show "Bets, that?" According to moderator Thomas Gottschalk is a unique matter. "I would go on, that would be no 'unique anniversary show' more and we look forward to that," said Gottschalk in a divination published on Friday with the Austrian news agency APA. He at least look forward to the broadcast on Saturday coming week. © Ina Fassbender The special edition of the ZDF show "Betting that ..?" According to cult presenter Thomas Gottschalk is a unique affair.

since 6 February 1952 Sits Queen Elizabeth II (95) on the throne. Your 70th throne anniversary will spend you on your property in Sandringham. According to the US magazine "People" , the Monarch is broken out on this Sunday (January 23) of Schloss Windsor with a helicopter there. The anniversary will be the first to celebrate Elizabeth II without her husband Prince Philip (1921-2021). She also usually spends the day in a quiet commemoration, as it is also the death day of her father George VI. (1895-1952) is. The Queen was automatically crowned queen after his death and on 2 June 1953.

Die Queen ist nach Sandringham geflogen. © Cubankite / The Queen has flown to Sandringham. celebrations for the throne anniversary

Normally the Queen usually travels to Sandringham at the end of December. The Queen, however, celebrated Christmas in Windsor with Prinz Charles (73) and his wife Herzogin Camilla (74). Your traditional trip to the county Norfolk was canceled because of the Corona Pandemic as a precaution.

Shoe Trend: The Pumps of Queen Letizia Make Every Look Hipper

 Shoe Trend: The Pumps of Queen Letizia Make Every Look Hipper © Getty Images Shoe Trend: The Pumps of Queen Letizia make every look Hipper Getty Images when the Spanish queen is a public appearance, then not just the Eyes of Royal fans, but also that directed the model lovers on them. The best proof: The appearance of Queen Letizia during your visit to the opening ceremony of the International Congress of Health and Nutrition "Fao Conxemar".

The celebrations for the platinum-throne anniversary of the Queen should then take place in June. Among other things, road festivals and a concert with some of the "biggest entertainment stars" in the world are planned. In addition, Royal fans should receive the opportunity to look at the estate of the queen from close proximity. The highlight of the festivities will be the days from 2 to 5 June.

on which events of their platinum anniversary takes the Queen personally, apparently not finally determined. On the advice of your medical team, the 95-year-old had withdrawn from the public last fall for several weeks.

royalty at the magnifying glass: the seventy years of Charles .
every week, public decrypts an official photo published by the royal family. Enter behind the scenes and discover the best kept secrets of the crown. This week, Charles' anniversary, November 14, 2018 ... © Dr. Royalty at the magnifying glass: the seventy years of Charles what they showed us in November 2018, the British royal family unveils the Official shots taken on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Prince Charles.

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