Classics: "Brand Finance Global Report": These are the most valuable brands of Germany

Honda, Lexus top J.D. Power ALG Residual Value awards

  Honda, Lexus top J.D. Power ALG Residual Value awards If you want a car that will hold its value better than anything else, go Japanese.The 2022 ALG Residual Value Awards are in, and, according to an announcement made by J.D. Power on Thursday, when it comes to resale values, you still can't beat a Japanese car -- especially if that car is a Honda or a Lexus , which won overall for best mass-market and best premium residual values, respectively.

Mercedes-Benz is the most valuable German brand 2022. This gave the report "Brand Finance Global 500 2022", in which the 500 most valuable and strongest brands of the world are determined annually will. With place 15 Mercedes-Benz introduces the ranking of the most valuable German brands, followed closely by Deutsche Telekom in Rance 17 with a fabulous growth of more than 50% since 2020. Porsche is the strongest among the German brands listed in the Global 500 . However, the retail sector is also strong in the second corona year: EDEKA and LIDL record the greatest growth in the brand value of all German brands.

Honda, GM Say You Can't Sell Your Lease to Someone outside the Brand

  Honda, GM Say You Can't Sell Your Lease to Someone outside the Brand The chip shortage and demand for used cars both mean car dealerships want to make sure they get their own cars back when the lease term is over. If your lease of a GM vehicle is coming to an end, or if you plan to get out of your lease this year, your options have just shrunk. You're no longer able to take the best offer from anyone who's willing to buy the car. You now have to sell it back to GM.Same goes for Honda and Acura. All three automakers are changing the rules at least through the end of the year.

Eine Fahne mit dem Logo der Marke Mercedes-Benz, dem Mercedes-Stern, weht vor einem Showroom der Firma. © Picture Alliance / DPA A flag with the brand Mercedes-Benz brand, the Mercedes star, blows in front of a showroom of the company.

Overall, four German brands were able to recommend the 500 best for the first time - including three retail and logistics brands alone. In terms of brand value by country, Germany overtakes Japan and lands in third place, behind the US and China.

Mercedes-Benz's most valuable brand throughout Europe

With a valuation of 60.8 billion US dollars, Mercedes-Benz is again the most valuable brand not only in Germany, but throughout Europe. Porsche remains the strongest German brand in Brand Finance Global 500 ranking. Together with Volkswagen, BMW, and Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are again in the "Brand Finance Global 500". However, all five car brands are below the level in front of the pandemic.

Deutsche Telekom has grown by more than 50% in its brand value (since 2020). With a valuation of 60.2 billion US dollars, the telecommunications giant lands just behind Mercedes-Benz: Online 17.

brands from retail and logistics grow strong

seven of the ten most fastest growing German brands in the Brand Finance Global 500 ranking come from the Retail and logistics. The greatest growth compared to the previous year: Edeka (63%) and Lidl (59%). Since 2020, Delivery Hero and Zalando have grown mostly, namely 303% and 115%. Your brand value has thus been quadrupled or doubled over the past two years.

Diesel price decreases under two Euro .
After the gasoline price, the diesel price in Germany has now fallen below 2.00 euros. As the ADAC announced on Monday, the gas stations on Sunday demanded average 1.995 euros for a liter of diesel. © Peter Kneffel / DPA Four Zapfpistolen hang on a gas station in the city center. In Europe comparison, Germany has the highest fuel prices. That was a cent less than on Friday. Super E10 cost almost unchanged on Sunday. 1,961 euros.

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