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Classics: VFB wants a victory to the anniversary

Sport Director Friedrich: "It's a different kind of football"

 Sport Director Friedrich: in the third game under Tayfun Korkut waits for Hertha BSC the hardest test so far. On Tuesday evening Mainz 05 should feel the newly secluded offensive of the Berliner. © Imago Images / Sportfoto Rudel earlier in the Hertha jersey, now sports director at the Berliners: Arne Friedrich. Under Neu-Trainer Korkut Hertha has discovered the lust on the forward rank two games, four points, four goals, 35 goals and a new game style: Tayfun Korkut and Hertha BSC - this fits so far.

for the 100th time Stuttgart opposes Gladbach. A jubilee who want to celebrate the Swabia with a success.

Wiedersehen? Wataru Endo (li.) könnte im Mittelfeldduell erneut auf Jonas Hofmann treffen. © Imago Images / Rhr-Photo See the review? Wataru Endo (Li.) Could meet Jonas Hofmann again in the midfield duel.

Stuttgart meets the 100th time on Mönchengladbach

in the 99 duals with the Borussen could enter the Stuttgart 40 victories. Only against Schalke (43) and Frankfurt (42) were more in their Bundesliga history. In addition there are 30 draws and 29 defeats against the team of Lower Rhine. If you expect everything to the three-point rating, the VFB won against no other counterparty so many counters. However, this is not the deciding basis why Pellegrino Matarazzo's first success after nine recently recently sailless games.

"red roses": big changes to the series anniversary!

 AM 06. November 2006 celebrated the first "red roses" sequence premiere . Since then, more than fifteen years have passed and soon 3,500 episodes broadcast. In the meantime, the popular Telenovela was able to build a considerable fan base that combines every day with the hero: inside the "three kings" and their everyday problems. The current season is a real jubilee scale and is for the creators of the series reason to celebrate enough.

Gladbach has "the one or other vulnerability"

the coach and its coaching team did not logically escaped that the Gladbacher contest a bumpy season with many heights and depths. Even if not so massive like the Swabia, the VFL must fight for the whereabouts in the Bundesliga. "But that does not affect our preparation," says Matarazzo, who expects "a very strong team, especially offensively". However, the term would be faultless to the Gladbachern just as little as to the Stuttgarten. "You also have one or other susceptibility defensive that we want to perceive and tackle".

Special attention applies to the midfield of the Borussen, which is one of the players of the league. Their shock strength applies "to minimize by high space pressure and by a timely position of the players so they can not turn up". Since four games Stuttgart is unbeaten against Gladbach, won twice, played draw twice. It should not be less this time. Matarazzo: "We have most recently shown that our basic order and our kind can defend to defend and our challenge from game to game is becoming increasingly effective."

Schmidt misses in Mainz "The absolute will" .
It draws like a red thread through the second half: Mainz 05 plays two different 45 minutes. Also at the 0: 0 against the VFB Stuttgart it was only after the side change. © picture Alliance / dpa / Reuters-Pool Trainer Bo Svensson and sports director Martin Schmidt Missing the intensity in Mainz game.

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