Classics: Haas - The new fourth force in Formula 1?

Honda: Stap Title The Pay for Confidence in the Engine Program

 Honda: Stap Title The Pay for Confidence in the Engine Program © Motorsport Images Max Max Stapen has the Honda era crowned in the formula 1 max stages has in a heartbeat finish in Abu Dhabi its Mercedes competitor Lewis Hamilton cuts up And in the last round for Red Bull and Honda, the Formula 1 World Championship won. According to Honda Formula 1 Technical Chief Toyoharu Tanabe was the ultimate pay for the endless confidence of the Japanese in a successful engine program.

compliment - in the end it was a whopping ten points for the Formula 1 team Haas after the season opener at the Grand Prix of Bahrain. So many counters had not brought the racing team over the past two years. Does a new era in Haas suggest?

Haas P5 P11 © Imago Haas P5 P11

Fact is Kevin Magnussen drove out a sensational fifth place on its return to Formula 1. Meanwhile, his teammate Mick Schumacher reached his best formula 1 placement, a very decent eleventh place with which he can be satisfied.

Nevertheless, the chance for the young German would have been there to come to the points for the first time. However, the Haas pilot was caught from the Frenchman Esteban Ocon at the beginning of the race. So it came to a turner and Schumacher had to fight back.

Armstrong leaves: 2022 No Ferrari juniors in the formula 2

 Armstrong leaves: 2022 No Ferrari juniors in the formula 2 © Motorsport Images Marcus Armstrong at the Formula 2 race in Monza 2021 At the beginning of the training year 2022 there are some in the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA) personnel changes. As the Italian Formula 1 team announced on Tuesday (January 11), Marcus Armstrong is now no longer a member of the Journal Program of Ferrari. of the New Zealand was Ferrari-Junior since 2017 and went to the start in the past two years in Formula 2.

Haas team boss Steiner is satisfied

After the race, the cheers at Haas was still huge - especially due to the ten points that Magnussen brought the team. "After two years, this moment has come to whom we all have worked on. I am proud of the whole team," Team boss Günther Steiner explained after the stakes.

In recent years, Haas had almost nothing to report when it came to come to the points. The racing team always had the slowest bolides on the track. But this season has the Haas-Bolide has a strong Ferarri engine and was aligned from the mechanics at an early stage on the new specifications.

"You can develop the new car at an early stage on the basis of the rule changes," said Ex-Formula 1 pilot Timo Glock at "Sky Sport" and added: "That came to Haas". In this regard, the cars of Magnussen and Schumacher actually seem to be superior to other teams, as Glock explains. "Ferrari has made a significant step in the drive unit - this also benefits Haas and Alfa Romeo".

confirmed! VW conducts conversations about Formula 1 entry

 confirmed! VW conducts conversations about Formula 1 entry McLaren Managing Director Zak Brown has confirmed first discussions with the Volkswagen Group regarding possible cooperation in Formula 1. © Provided by confirmed! VW conducts conversations about Formula 1 entry McLaren Managing Director Zak Brown has confirmed first discussions with the Volkswagen Group regarding a possible cooperation in Formula 1. But it has not come to an agreement.

Glock: "Magnussen belongs to Formula 1"

above the Danes, who probably surprised all motorsport fans with fifth place, said the 40-year-old that "Magnussen has shown that he belongs to Formula 1".

Nevertheless, the results of Bahrain successful for the HAAS team are classified in the entire race context. Even if the places were worth five and eleven, Haas significantly benefited from the technical problems of the other teams and their drivers.

Problems at Red Bull Rinse Haas forward

First of all, Red Bull caught it through the failures of world champion Max Stapen and Sergio Perez Knüppeldick. Pierre Gasly also had to park his Alpha Tauri held in flames. As a result, the two Haas pilots rinsed forward again.

In addition, McLaren and Aston Martin also disappointed at the beginning of the season, which both have higher ambitions and now have to see the season will not be out of hand early. However, if the two British teams catch and also get Red Bull solved their engine problems, Haas could quickly be displaced out of the upper third.

Chaos! Ferrari cheers after stages drama - Hamilton in luck

 Chaos! Ferrari cheers after stages drama - Hamilton in luck Better would not have run the prelude for Ferrari! © Provided by Chaos! Ferrari cheered for staged drama - Hamilton in luck 45 races long had to wait the Tifosi - now Charles Leclec has been able to win a victory for the Scuderia at Formula 1 season opener in Bahrain. Sebastian Vettel had brought the last success for Ferrari in Singapore 2019. (News: All current information on Formula 1) But it came even better for Ferrari: The second place grabbed Leclerc teammate Carlos Sainz Jr.

Ferraris Power Motors

Nonetheless, the Ferrari engines seem to have the largest power this year. Last but not least, the double victory proves the first Grand Prix of the Year of the "Scuderia" by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Valtteri Bottas also drove to sixth place with his Alfa Romeo and thus underlines the superiority of Italian engines towards others.

For the status quo, Magnussen and Schumacher can thus enjoy their praise, even if there is still a potential potential for Mick despite his personal record. Finally, Comebacker Magnussen has properly presented with the ten points.

What does the future bring?

Whether Haas but actually manages to retreat in the long term and to become the fourth power behind Ferrari, Red Bull Racing and Mercedes this season, remains open. Because for a far-reaching forecast it is simply too early after a race.

In addition, the competitors such as McLaren or Aston Martin remains too much time to eliminate their problems and attack again.

Max Bruns

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