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Classics: "Ras-le-bowl of being abused": the retirees were on the street on Thursday

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Des retraités manifestant à Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), le 24 mars 2022. © Venance / AFP pensioners protesting in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), March 24 2022.

Retired retirees were called to protest this Thursday, March 24 to ask for an increase in pensions. More thousand people responded to the call, everywhere in France.

Several thousand retirees showed this Thursday, March 24, 2022 in about twenty cities to demand an increase in pensions, full of inflation and two weeks of the presidential election.

"Macron, make the sub! ": In the Paris procession, the message was clear, his recipient too. According to the organizers, 3,000 people marched in the capital at the beginning of the afternoon, to demand as some "13th month for retirees".

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"Everything increases"

former boilermaker, inserted with the CGT, Alain says it "loses from the same months" when "Everything increases, the essence, the pasta, the potatoes". Result: "We are no longer going to the restaurant once a week, one is obliged to tighten the belt".

The purchasing power was at the heart of the claims of the "group of nine" unions and associations that called on this day of mobilization, their twelfth since the beginning of Emmanuel Macron's five-year.

Retirees want a catch-up of their pensions

to two and a half of the first round of the presidential election, and in full inflation, they claim an "catch-up" of their pension pensions , who have not taken the rise in prizes in recent years.

"We were too long felt that retirees were too paid not to fuck anything" , deplore Gérard Gourgéchon, former tax inspector and figure of the solidarity union, denouncing an "discrimination by age".

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"Our standard of living does not follow"

in Lyon too, in a crowd of 1,400 to 1,500 protesters (respectively according to the prefecture and the CGT), the former computer scientist Sylvie Touleron regrets that retirees are

"often Forgotten, while our standard of living does not follow ", especially for women whose" many are under the poverty threshold ". Some even live

"in misery"

and "One can not accept this kind of situation in the 21st century" , is indignant Robert Rutto, former employee in a nuclear power plant. "All that for that?

observed identical to Nantes, where 200 people showed in the early afternoon, including Regin Grasset, old saleswoman:

"I worked 42 years old and today I touch € 1,100 per month. Sometimes, by watching the promotions at the supermarket, I say to myself: really, all this for that?

in Lille also beat the pavement a few hundreds of

"intractable retirees",

according to a sign. Come to denounce "A pensioner 'pensioner" , Agnès Hiret, former teacher, judges the last revaluation of January "very far from the account" and request "that the rise in pensions follows that of inflation". "Eating bricks"

Former worker of the chemical industry, Bernard Bourlon estimates that he has

"correct income"

but is fighting " especially for the following", because "if the young people do not Do not beat, they will eat bricks. The grievances also extend to the presence of public services in rural areas, at the cost of complementary health or the care of social security dependence.

"More and more, we tend to go from the vital card to the blue card"

, criticized Jacques Auffves, head of the CGT-Retirees du Rhône.

"Retirees are fed up abused"

, explains Monique Daune, Paris Secretary of the SNES-FSU retired teacher union.

Washington gives the status of "temporary protection" to Cameroonian nationals .
© Getty Images via AFP - Michael Mr. Santiago The American Minister of Internal Security Alejandro Mayorkas, April 8, 2022 in New York. The US Department of Internal Safety announced Friday by communiqué that the United States now granted the status of "temporary protection" to Cameroonian nationals settled in their territory. This status, valid 18 months, offers the possibility for Cameroonian nationals, arrived in the United States from April 14, to apply for political asylum.

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