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Classics: "Experiment would be irresponsible": BASF boss warns of energy cycot

Schiri Boss ventilates Zwayer Secret

 Schiri Boss ventilates Zwayer Secret Around Felix Zwayer, it has become quiet after its controversial decisions in the match between Dortmund and Bavaria. Now the Schiri boss of the DFB explains how it is about the controversial referee. © Provided by Schiri-Boss ventilates Zwayer Secret The Bundesliga referee Felix Zwayer is currently not active. This confirmed Lutz Michael Cheerful, sporty head of DFB referees. "Felix Zwayer has taken on vacation after his last international game.

BASF boss Martin Brudermüller has warned for the case of import stop or longer-term loss of gas and oil supplies from Russia before unprecedented economic damage to Germany. "That could bring the German economy into its heaviest crisis since the end of World War II," said Brudermüller of the "Frankfurter General Sunday newspaper". Especially for many small and medium-sized companies this would be consistent from its point of view.

Martin Brudermüller, Vorstandsvorsitzender des Chemiekonzerns BASF. (Archivbild) © DPA Martin Brudermüller, CEO of Chemistry Group BASF. (Archive image)

Receivables from a European Energy Import Boycott against Russia Wies the BASF boss back: "Do we want to destroy our entire economy? What we have built over decades? I think such an experiment would be irresponsible, "said Brudermüller. The risks of a boycott would be underestimated by many citizens in Germany.

Bayer Boss believes in Wirtz-Betrieb

 Bayer Boss believes in Wirtz-Betrieb National Player Florian Wirtz will play with Bayer Leverkusens Club Chef Fernando Carro "at least to 2024" at the factory club. © Provided by Bayer-Boss believes in Wirtz-Betrieb National players and exit talent Florian Wirtz (18) will play according to Bayer Leverkusens Club Chef Fernando Carro "at least until 2024" at the factory club. "I do not only expect 2023, but at least until 2024 with Florian Wirtz. We try to keep him as long as possible.

A complete renunciation of Russian natural gas imports is possible in Germany only in the medium term. "If we hurry, then we can get it in four to five years," said the BASF boss. Other energy imports, such as LPG from the USA, could be "not at the touch of a button".

The news magazine "FOCUS" said Brothermüller, about subsidies or grants could not intercept the consequences of a gas defense - the state could not afford: "The dimensions we talk about here are still much greater than on the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. "The BASF boss fears incisions in production - even in the largest work on the head office:" From a certain point, you can no longer operate a location like Ludwigshafen. "The true not only 40,000 people. "We produce products that stand at the beginning of the value chain," said Brudermüller. "At the end, the supply of daily goods from food to medication depends on it." (DPA)

Monetary Policy: Economic Researcher: Monetary Policy Before Talk Conflict As in the 1970s .
© Provided by Handelsblatt The European Central Bank decides on Thursday again on the key interest rate. Photo: DPadata Portal-Copyright = Inflation in Germany is not as high as 41 years. Leading economic institutions expect an increase in key interest rates only for the fourth quarter. The leading economic research institutes see the central banks in the face of high inflation and cloudy economic outlook in front of a difficult ridge hike.

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