Classics: Barca Boss wants Super League Pushen

United also robbed Rangnick of his power

 United also robbed Rangnick of his power Many hopes rested on Ralf Rangnick when starting in Manchester. But already now he is no more uncomfortable. He must already take away from his original tactical plan. © Provided by United also robbed Rangnick of his power Manchester United is still one of the wealthiest and high-ranking football clubs in the world. But the Red Devils do not work like a flagship company. Historists, leadership and sporty failures for some time pave the path of the proud English first division.

The President of the FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, has not yet given up the dream of the Super League. In a TV interview, he also talks about the future of Ousmane Dembélé and the plans of Barca.

Barca-Boss will Super League pushen © Provided by Barca-Boss Will Super League Pushen

While does not tear the discussions about the reform of the Champions League , the Super League continues to be a topic that causes the minds.

Now Joan Laporta has made it clear in the interview with the Spanish station TV3 that he wants to drive forward the plans. "We promote the project with Florentino Perez ( President of Real Madrid, Note d. Red. ), with which I talk a lot," said the President of the FC Barcelona.

Bayer Boss believes in Wirtz-Betrieb

 Bayer Boss believes in Wirtz-Betrieb National Player Florian Wirtz will play with Bayer Leverkusens Club Chef Fernando Carro "at least to 2024" at the factory club. © Provided by Bayer-Boss believes in Wirtz-Betrieb National players and exit talent Florian Wirtz (18) will play according to Bayer Leverkusens Club Chef Fernando Carro "at least until 2024" at the factory club. "I do not only expect 2023, but at least until 2024 with Florian Wirtz. We try to keep him as long as possible.

He wanted to save the "European football". "We can not allow European football in the hands of states that are not part of the European Union. It is clear that City and PSG have a money machine, and we fight, "he explained.

Steelwork double pass on Sunday from 11 o'clock live on TV on Sport1 and in the stream

In addition, he briefed that not only Real Madrid and Juventus Turin do not support the project, but also other teams that do not want to be named first.

Barca President Laporta wants to win this season La Leaga

In addition, the 59-year-old talked about the goals with his club. He wants to attack this season again correctly. "I am convinced that we can win you ( La Leaiga, Note d. Red. ). Moreover, we will win you, "said the president. (Data: Results and Schedule of La Liga)

"Tax refugee": Horner etches against Mercedes-Boss

 between Red Bull Team Chief Christian Horner and Mercedes-Boss Toto Wolff always fly the poison arrows. Now the Brite refers to the Austrian as a "tax refugee". © Provided by "Tax refugee": Horner etches against Mercedes-Boss Whether Red-Bull team boss Christian Horner and his Mercedes-opposite Toto Wolff are still friends? Hardly likely! in an interview horner compared with his counterparty and shared it vigorously.

"In the last half of the season we have become very strong. With a team working on full speed. With a coach who has clear ideas and brings us to play our authentic football. We regained our essence, "said Laporta.

that should be quite difficult. Currently, Barcelona is located with twelve points at nine outstanding games behind leaders Real. Although you have a game less than the Madrilenen, yet this is not an easy task for the team of coach Xavi, the Laporta called "the best decision of my term". (Data: The La Liga table)

Laporta does not want a financial risk to transfers

A small insight gave Laporta in its plans for the summer, that are quite promising . "I am very clear that the institution is about the players, coaches, directors and executives. We will not make a commitment that change our salary system, "he described his strategy.

, however, he does not want to call a name, otherwise he expected a price increase. Nevertheless, he is open to a return of Messi. "If Leo wants to talk to me about a return to Barca, I would be glad," said the boss that was already in office from 2003 to 2010.

Fixed Commitment of Philippe Coutinho: Aston Villa takes negotiations on

 Fixed Commitment of Philippe Coutinho: Aston Villa takes negotiations on Aston Villa has recorded discussions with FC Barcelona via a permanent commitment of the laid-in midfielder Philippe Coutinho, as 90min has experienced. © Provided by 90min Buda Mendes / GettyImages The 29-year-old Coutinho came to a lending in January in January and has a purchase option for around 41 million euros at the end of the season.

He also presented the financial league of the Catalans, which is currently anything but rosy. He builds on the league contract, which the Catalans have actually rejected . "We work on two other levers to reverse the economic situation. The goal is to make the economic situation healthy from 2023, "described Laporta. (News: All current information about La Liga)

An important role also plays the new sponsor Spotify. This deal is supposed to bring Barca allegedly $ 70 million a year . "It's the best sponsoring agreement that has signed Barcelona in its history," he claimed.

Barça roles against the number of Frankfurt fans at Camp Nou .
© provided by Sofoot Barça roles against the number of Frankfurt supporters at Camp Nou Bundesligue Europa. Nearly 30,000 fans of the Eintracht Frankfurt pushed their team on Thursday night at Camp Nou. Support that has allowed to the Germans to win 3-2 and qualify for the semi-finals after the draw of the go (1-1). Players as fans of Barcelona were as surprised as dominated by this Germanistic Furia. On the Rhine, this match will stay in the annals for a long time ...

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