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Classics: Dream Trainer Knauf: "The moments of which you dream of as a child"

Mélody is 45 years old: what becomes the unforgettable interpreter of it's not just the big ones who dream?

 Mélody is 45 years old: what becomes the unforgettable interpreter of it's not just the big ones who dream? © Melody Archives INA Mélody is 45 years old: what becomes the unforgettable interpreter of there is not that the big people who dream? This face and the name undoubtedly marked the end of the 80s. With it not that the great dreaming, the young 12-year-old singer experienced a huge success, but failed to transform the test.

Eintracht Frankfurt did not miss much to the Sensation against the FC Barcelona. Despite an impressive performance against the Bluegranana, one annoyed at the SGE at the end a little, self-dream wools Ansgar Knauff.

Der Schuss ins Glück: Ansgar Knauff bringt Frankfurt gegen Barcelona mit einem Traumtor in Führung. © imago / Jan Huebner The shot in luck: Ansgar Knauf brings Frankfurt against Barcelona with a dream gate in the lead.

Despite 1: 1 against Barcelona: Eintracht annoys a little

a complicated rebound well controlled, with the second contact completed, let the shot about the external nest slide and sunk out of 18 meters in the right corner. And then off to the fan curve. Ansgar Knauf was exploding the forest stadium on Thursday night, the 20-year-old shook shortly after the break for the leadership of his harmony against the FC Barcelona. The loan of Borussia Dortmund spoke after the game at RTL of an "indescribable feeling", which he could not really perceive ".

HUTH After a dilated dream debut: "We have been cheated"

 HUTH After a dilated dream debut: Elias Huth, Joscha Wosz and André Meyer could have experienced a successful debut for Halleschen FC. Then came the 74th minute in the game against Braunschweig. © Imago Images / Photo Bead Behind Halles New Armedion Elias Huth are exciting hours. Halleschem FC is denied against Braunschweig Regular Tor In the 3rd league, there is known no video Assistant Refer, short Var. Franz Bokop from Vechta would certainly have wished for a Saturday afternoon in Braunschweig.

"These are the moments, of which you are already dreaming as a small child. FC Barcelona, ​​floodlight in front of such a backdrop - and then such a goal, I will never forget that," says Knauf, who also received praise from the opponent. "There are 20 men felt in front of me, then he shoots him well, a Sunday shot on Thursday - you have to congratulate," commented Barça's goalkeeper Marc-André Ter Stegen.

Frankfurt only once again overwhelmed

Knauf had not only rewarded itself for a courageous appearance, but also Frankfurt for an impressive performance against an opponent prior to the game as supervised opponents. At the same time he left the dream of a victory in the "century game", as CEO Axel Hellmann had lived the game - and yet the Dortmund loan was not completely satisfied. "It's a bit annoying that we do not take the victory because we had earned it."

A new strength, many new mistakes: The FCA slips again from

 A new strength, many new mistakes: The FCA slips again from because new construction sites are always open, the FC Augsburg is back in the middle of the relegation sump. After the disoriented appearance in Stuttgart, Markus Weinzierl is demanded. © imago / avanti Two-week work-up: Augsburg's coach Markus Weinzierl. Hair-raising defensive behavior makes efficiency in front of the gate worthless Reuter puzzles: "Normally Bärenstark" In a statistic, the FCA was league of the league. The emphasis is on "was".

The Eintracht kept the Bluegranana long far away from its own gate, but was rolled over by the quality Barças, but when Ferran Torres after double double pass with the shortly previously substitute Frenkie de Jong after 66 minutes for the end result. Despite the damper it was loud Knauf "for all involved an incredible evening. We delivered a game, we have very little approved over 90 minutes, which is not self-evident against FC Barcelona."

Trapps claim for the second leg

powered by its own audience, the harmonization made the role of the Clear Underdog forgetting. In front of the game, loud Knauf have awarded courage ("we said, we can do that, we can hurt those" - and in the end the SGE then delivered. Even goalkeeper Kevin Trapp spoke of a "great game" and Also pointed out that even more in it would have been, since you had "the better chances of chances".

in the second leg, however, everything is still possible, even against the background that Frankfurt against top teams has already looked good this season. Trapp referred to the 2: 1 at FC Bayern Munich. Fear of big names or large venues is not appropriate. The second leg at Camp Nou "becomes a different game", but the Eintracht has "a good starting position" and is hopefully in the Catalan football temple compete. "If we do not believe, then we do not have to go. Who does not believe in it now, that's out of place here," TRAPP demanded a similar if not even better performance next Thursday in Ca MP Nou. In any case,

Knauf is "confident" that the harmony succeeds. "We managed to shut it down on a game and now we'll see a round next week at Camp Nou," is the fight announcement of the 20-year-old.

Schmidt misses in Mainz "The absolute will" .
It draws like a red thread through the second half: Mainz 05 plays two different 45 minutes. Also at the 0: 0 against the VFB Stuttgart it was only after the side change. © picture Alliance / dpa / Reuters-Pool Trainer Bo Svensson and sports director Martin Schmidt Missing the intensity in Mainz game.

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