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Classics: After violent indignation via AutoCorso: German politicians demand strict procedures at pro-Russian demos

VOLKSWAGEN. Two German factories stopped due to lack of supply from Ukraine

 VOLKSWAGEN. Two German factories stopped due to lack of supply from Ukraine © Ronny Hartmann / AFP The manufacture will be interrupted from March 1st to 4th in Zwickau and March 2-4 in Dresden. The Volkswagen group will have to interrupt for a few days, early March, production in two German factories for lack of supply on the share of Ukrainian suppliers because of the Russian invasion.

last Sunday had triggered an autocorko by Berlin indignation. On the weekend again pro-Russian demonstrations are planned.

Flaggen mit den russischen Nationalfarben wehen an einem Auto auf dem Olympiaplatz in Berlin. © Photo: DPA / Carsten Koall flags with the Russian national colors contrast to a car on the Olympiaplatz in Berlin.

with a view to planned pro-Russian demonstrations At the weekend, Federal Minister of Nancy Nancy Faeser (SPD) and domestic politicians demanded a strict ramping of the police in violations of conditions or laws. "Showing the" z "glorifies war crimes and therefore can be prosecuted in our view. Here we need a consistent intervention of the police, "said Faeser the" World on Sunday ".

How could the PS5 Pro look like?

 How could the PS5 Pro look like? The rumors around the appearance of a PS5 per pile on the Internet. Sony has released new MID gene versions for the previous console generations. But how could a PS5 Pro look like? © Provided by Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP / Getty Images Publishing a pro version Very probably the chances that there will be a pro version of the PlayStation 5, are very good.

"If it is called to hatred and crimes be committed, the assembly must be dissolved," said the domestic spokesman of the SPD parliamentary group, Sebastian Hartmann, the Editorial Network Germany (RND / Saturday).

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Video: Baerbock: "War Crimes must not remain unguided" (AFP)

The demonstration and freedom of expression is a highly protected well, people should and is likely to know. "What is not concerned is that Russian invasion is celebrated and glorified to Ukraine, where such 'terrible war crimes as in Boucha, is celebrated and glorified on our streets," said Hartmann. The assembly authorities would have to examine any registration exactly and the demonstrations with conditions.

Report: Government examines Bosch because of parts in Russian military vehicles

 Report: Government examines Bosch because of parts in Russian military vehicles The Federal Government examines a media report according to possible violations of the Technology Group Bosch against a Russia export ban. The company has already initiated exams. © Picture-Alliance / DPA / s. Kahnert Provided by Deutsche Wave The Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (BAFA) Prepare a procedure, reported the magazine Mirror on Friday.

The domestic spokeswoman of the Greens, Irene Mihalic, said the RND: " It is unbearable , if the aggressors are publicly celebrated in the face of the Russian attack war and against the background of the mass mortal in places like Boucha." The police should therefore be very much Just to pay close attention to when a criminal limit is exceeded, for example if war crimes would be publicly approved. This could happen for example by the Z symbol in a certain context.

Since the beginning of Russian invasion of Ukraine at the end of February, a white "Z" is often visible on tanks and uniforms of Russians. It stands for "Za Pobedu" - "for the victory". It is also shown outside the war area on buildings, at cars and clothing as well as in social media to support the criminal war. However, the enforcement of the prohibition of the Z symbol called Mihalic as difficult because it is difficult to demonstrable that not the letter but the symbol was meant.

Last Sunday, a motorcade had triggered by Berlin indignation. On numerous cars were flags in the Russian colors white-blue-red to see. The Z symbol was also shown according to Berlin's Central State Secretary Torsten Akmann (SPD). This weekend again planned in several cities Pro-Russian demonstrations - such as Hanover, Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Partly, wearing certain symbols have been prohibited in advance. (dpa)

Germany. Several Russian pro events paradeed in several cities of the country .
© Yann Schreiber / AFP protesters participate in a pro-Russian event in Frankfurt, Germany, April 10, 2022. several Russian gatherings were held this weekend. End in Germany on the initiative of the important Russian-speaking community of the country, which considers the victim of discrimination since the triggering of the war in Ukraine. several Russian gatherings were organized this Sunday, April 10, 2022 in Germany.

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