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Classics: The boss of the Juve targeted by a suspension

Bayer Boss believes in Wirtz-Betrieb

 Bayer Boss believes in Wirtz-Betrieb National Player Florian Wirtz will play with Bayer Leverkusens Club Chef Fernando Carro "at least to 2024" at the factory club. © Provided by Bayer-Boss believes in Wirtz-Betrieb National players and exit talent Florian Wirtz (18) will play according to Bayer Leverkusens Club Chef Fernando Carro "at least until 2024" at the factory club. "I do not only expect 2023, but at least until 2024 with Florian Wirtz. We try to keep him as long as possible.

Andrea Agnelli has heard on Tuesday the requisitions of the sports justice in a case that affects a lot of pros clubs in Italy.

Agnelli © Provided by Football 365 Agnelli

One year of suspension. This was asked for the Italian sport justice against Andrea Agnelli, Tuesday when opening the trial that must attempt to shed light on presumed financial offenses in Translax football.

The President of Juventus is suspected of fraud on the occasion of player transfers. The transaction amounts are judged overvalued with respect to the actual value. The Serie A club of Turin has seen others from its responsible for requisitions.

one by sixty managers

The ex-sports director, fabio paratici, risk 16 months and 10 days, and pavel Nedved, vice president of the old lady, incurs 8 months, says a statement of the Italian Football Federation (Figc )

Against the President of Naples, Aurelio de Laurentiis, the federal prosecutor asked 11 months and 5 days of suspension. In total, about sixty leaders would be involved.

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