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the red cross victim of a vast cyber attack, threatening the data of 500,000

 the red cross victim of a vast cyber attack, threatening the data of 500,000 © Valery Hache The ICRC has announced that there was a vast cyber attack during which the hackers seized data from more than 515,000 people. Fabrice Coffrini / AFP The Red Cross , victim of a large cyber attack. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) announced Wednesday have been the victim of a vast cyberattack during which the hackers have seized data of more than 515,000 extremely vulnerable people, since some have fled conflict and prisoners.

Die Europäische Zentralbank entscheidet am Donnerstag wieder über den Leitzins. Foto: dpa © Provided by Handelsblatt The European Central Bank decides on Thursday again on the key interest rate. Photo: DPadata Portal-Copyright =

Inflation in Germany is not as high as 41 years. Leading economic institutions expect an increase in key interest rates only for the fourth quarter.

The leading economic research institutes see the central banks in the face of high inflation and cloudy economic outlook in front of a difficult ridge hike. With the war outbreak in Ukraine, according to the researchers, the economic perspectives have deteriorated and at the same time the inflationary pressure is noticeably increased.

Conti Supervisory Board Reitzle: E-cars help the climate NOT

 Conti Supervisory Board Reitzle: E-cars help the climate NOT of the Economic Manager and Supervisory Board Chairman of the automotive supplier "Continental AG" has expressed his opinion on E cars in an interview with the economic magazine " Manager Magazin ". According to Reitzle, electric cars do not provide a significant contribution to the climate as long as the German electricity is CO2-duly. In addition, the cars are not suitable for many people for everyday use and there is also too little charging columns in Germany.

"Thus, monetary policy is facing a target conflict between price and production stabilization, as he had occurred in a similar manner in the course of the two oil price shocks 1973 and 1979," says in the opinion published on Wednesday for the Federal Government.

The institutes expect US key interest rates to gradually raised up to 2.75 percent in the fourth quarter of 2023. "The European Central Bank punishes its monetary policy tentative," continues in the spring forecast. With an increase in key interest rates in the euro area is to be expected for the fourth quarter of this year. In 2023, the main refinancing rate is expected to be further increased up to 1.0 percent, the researchers predict.

The European Central Bank (ECB) decides again on Thursday about the key interest rate. Observers expect the currency counters to stay in wait for the time being. The so-called introductory rate - a kind of penalty for the Horten of Money at the ECB - has been at least 0.5 percent for years, while the key interest rate also remains on the record low of 0.0 percent.

"Maischberger": party friend tried to convince the car nobility of vaccination

 How is it going in the Ukraine conflict and with the general vaccination obligation? These two questions were on Wednesday evening at "Maischberger". Actually, Sarah Wagenknecht (the Left) should be a guest. But because it was tested positively on the coronavirus, left-in-group chairman Dietmar Bartsch was instead. © WDR / Oliver Ziebe Dietmar Bartsch (V.L.N.R.), Katrin Göring-Eckardt and Sandra Maischberger Bartsch explained, he has always tried to convince his party colleague Sarah Wagenknech

The ECB Council keeps the door open for an increase. He is ready to adapt "all his instruments" when needed. He wants to ensure that inflation stabilizes in the medium term in the trademark of 2.0 percent. Finally, the inflation with 7.5 percent but far beyond the target value.

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Washington gives the status of "temporary protection" to Cameroonian nationals .
© Getty Images via AFP - Michael Mr. Santiago The American Minister of Internal Security Alejandro Mayorkas, April 8, 2022 in New York. The US Department of Internal Safety announced Friday by communiqué that the United States now granted the status of "temporary protection" to Cameroonian nationals settled in their territory. This status, valid 18 months, offers the possibility for Cameroonian nationals, arrived in the United States from April 14, to apply for political asylum.

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