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Classics: Vodafone boss in interview: "The first 5g + street lamps across Europe are in Cologne"

PSG-BOSS Handers with Ramos-Deal

 PSG-BOSS Handers with Ramos-Deal PSG sports director Leonardo about the remaining opportunities of Kylian Mbappé and the previous misunderstanding with Sergio Ramos. © Provided by PSG-BOSS Handert with Ramos-Deal Can Paris Saint-Germain Kylian Mbappé still hold or leaves the world star the club free-shipping in summer? (News: All current information about Ligue 1) PSG sports director Leonardo has in the L'Equipe the possible contract offer, with which Mbappé should earn 50 million euros per year, demented: Leonardo:

Mr. Ametsreiter, they speak of broadband expansion. And yet there are always funklöchers in Cologne, a million town. How is it really about the network quality?

Vodafone-Deutschlandchef Hannes Ametsreiter © DPA Vodafone Germany Chief Hannes Ametsreiter

Hannes Ametsreiter: Cologne has a very good mobile language and broadband supply - Vodafone reaches 99.9 percent of Cologne households. Of 374 mobile locations 45 are already equipped with 5G technology, eleven are even a gigabit capable. Ten 5g locations are already 5g + locations. By 2023, 75 5G extensions are planned.

5g, 5g +, these are a little nibulous concepts for the layman. What is behind it?

The first provider does not use Vodafone with 5G expansion exclusively on the extension of existing LTE networks, but builds a completely independent 5G infrastructure. Mobile experts talk about "5G standalone" or from the full 5G network. We give the most modern mobile technology available in Europe a simple name: and ie 5g +. That is, the previous 5G has taken advantage of the LTE network. This "support wheel" is stored with 5G +. 5g + is a real mobile phone core network. Our 5G + network we started only a month ago for everyone. Now we take the first 5G + mobile phone small cells with gigabit bandwidth. The special feature: You are installed in specially designed street lamps and add so inconspicuous to the Cologne cityscape. The first 5g + street lamps across Europe are located in the heart of the center of Cologne in the immediate vicinity of the busy places on the hay market and on the cathedral plate.

Özcan finds: "Much difference was not seen"

 Özcan finds: On Sunday evening, the 1st FC Cologne had to accept a bitter defeat - which was less bitter if you throw a look at the performance of the Domstädter. © Getty Images recognized things that liked him: Salih Özcan. Cologne: Frustrated modest passed the laugh mostly saw him this season with a wide grin on the face. Anthony Modestes Footballing comeback went back with the return of the ever-laughing Frenchman, who brought the good mood to the Cologne fans.

What does this look like in Cologne?

Vodafone has equipped the two road lamps with own mobile technology - including the antennas, the active technology and cable guides. The technique for Germany's most modern 5G network is housed in the lantern base of the nine meter high lanterns, the antennas are mounted six meters above the ground. Glass fiber lines are connected to the landline. The electricity for the street lamp supplies the Rhine energy. The antennas have a range of up to 400 meters and offer a speed of up to a gigabit in the 3.5 GHz band of the 5g + network.

The built-in antennas are small radio cells that complement the actual base stations of mobile networks. You can not replace a mobile location on a roof or mast, but ensure additional capacity in smaller areas within the mobile phone cell or increase the range. It is especially useful where many people are in confined space.

"Tax refugee": Horner etches against Mercedes-Boss

 between Red Bull Team Chief Christian Horner and Mercedes-Boss Toto Wolff always fly the poison arrows. Now the Brite refers to the Austrian as a "tax refugee". © Provided by "Tax refugee": Horner etches against Mercedes-Boss Whether Red-Bull team boss Christian Horner and his Mercedes-opposite Toto Wolff are still friends? Hardly likely! in an interview horner compared with his counterparty and shared it vigorously.

What do you need 5G +?

The full 5G is above all a "Gamechanger" for our industry. With 5G + data is transported in real time - as fast as the human nervous system can react and four times faster than with previous mobile technologies. But even for consumers, the real-time network plays a particularly important role: for networked mobility services, for mobile augmented reality applications or for the social networks of tomorrow.

Is there any other advantages of your so-called 5G + network next to real-time communication?

5g + networks ten times more people and machines: per square kilometer up to one million devices. It saves electricity: up to 20 percent consumption less than previous networks, because the mobile phone only dials in a network.

Vodafone has taken over the Cologne Unitymedia. What remains at the location?

We have given up the location on the Aachener Straße, but new a smaller location in Cologne at Vitalisstraße. There are 150 employees working there. Kerpen is now a separate Vodafone site, the property has purchased Vodafone in the course of the acquisition. Kerpen had been rented beforehand. It is a central location, we bundle technical and IT resources here. In addition, the Kerpen site next to Frankfurt-Rödelheim is the second large "TV center" in the Vodafone network. Here are the pictures of the TV channels and are then transferred to the cable network. There today 460 employees work. In Kerpen, a new room concept is currently being built.

Barca Boss wants Super League Pushen .
The President of the FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, has not yet given up the dream of the Super League. In a TV interview, he also talks about the future of Ousmane Dembélé and the plans of Barca. © Provided by Barca-Boss Will Super League Pushen While does not tear the discussions about the reform of the Champions League , the Super League continues to be a topic that causes the minds.

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