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Classics: royalty at the magnifying glass: the seventy years of Charles

NFT and metackers: The Sotheby's auction house goes on digital

 NFT and metackers: The Sotheby's auction house goes on digital © Josep Lago / AFP Charles Stewart, the boss of Sotheby's, the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona. An auction house founded in 1744 starting in NFTs and metackers? A logical sequence in Sotheby's history, with regard to the audience and interest "absolutely huge" for these digital objects, according to his boss Charles Stewart. "The reason why Sotheby's exists for 277 years is that we have a story that embraces innovation.

every week, public decrypts an official photo published by the royal family. Enter behind the scenes and discover the best kept secrets of the crown. This week, Charles' anniversary, November 14, 2018 ...

La royauté à la loupe : Les soixante-dix ans de Charles © Dr. Royalty at the magnifying glass: the seventy years of Charles

what they showed us

in November 2018, the British royal family unveils the Official shots taken on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Prince Charles. The two family photos bring together the Cambridge with their three children and the Sussex around the future king of England and his companion Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. The photo session took place a few days earlier in the Gardens of Clarence House, the atmosphere seems relaxed, the smiles appear francs. For the first time since the wedding of Meghan and Harry, the Windsor offer the image of a united family. The Queen and Prince Philip are voluntarily absent to leave their son the opportunity to shine and highlight the future of royalty. This beautiful looked after William, Kate, Harry and his wife ...

Audi RS E-Tron GT Road Test Review | The EV deluge is coming

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What they hidden us

"An absolute nightmare" here are several months since William and Harry do not speak almost more. The elder blames his brother for asking Meghan in a hurry marriage without thinking about the consequences of this union on the family. Harry does not appreciate the way WILLIAM welcomed his wife. The war is cold between the two sons of Lady Di. So cold that when organizing the photo session, everyone puts a maximum of bad will. "It was an absolute nightmare. They did not make any effort to get available, "explains the author Definding Freedom, Omid Scobie. A confirmed information in Ladaily MailPar a policy advisor attended at work meetings. "It's simple, they made antiju. It is a miracle that these clichés exist after all that I saw ". A version that comes slightly darkening the idyllic images isn't it?

Cameroon. 25 men convicted for attempted assassination of the Equatorian President in 2017

 Cameroon. 25 men convicted for attempted assassination of the Equatorian President in 2017 © Tony Karumba / AFP The President of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo was a victim of an attempt at assassination in 2017. Twenty-five men Have been sentenced to 30 to 35 years in prison in Cameroon, for attempting to murder the Equatorian President Guinea in 2017. They have always pleaded non-guilty.

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The incident of The Garden Party

at the Windsor, a birthday with a round figure is celebrating all year round. And in May, six months before November 14, Charles organizes a Garden Party to celebrate 70 Spring with a hundred branded guests. But when the Sussex disembark, the atmosphere becomes electric. Camilla hardly greet them and, forty minutes after their arrival, the future King of England blows a word in his son's ear. "I can not, there are cameras," he answers furious. Barely the time to say more, Meghan and his darling are gently escorted until the exit by security. "The behavior of Mrs Markle a few hours before the Garden Party put everyone on the nerves. Something inadmissible happened "explains Lady Collin Campbell, a former friend of Lady Diana. Six months later, the humiliation suffered by the Sussex is still not digested. Some will say that this moment has even been the trigger to their desire to leave Great Britain.

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The coronation of Elizabeth II at the magnifying glass

Money, Money, Money

and if all this was in the end that a fight of influence for power and money? In his book, Finding Freedom, Omid Scobie delivers a very Game of Thrones version of the relationship between William and Harry. According to him, the origin of their conflict would have a link with their place in the siblings and the resulting power. "The position of your birth in the family determines your political position, which explains that Harry is always behind his brother, especially when it comes to getting funding. It happens to want to launch more ambitious projects and get involved more, but he rarely gets the funds he needs. William is always a priority. They often blur for budget issues. This is the risk, when you do family business, "the writer recalls. Anyway, this shoot photo will be the last official with Meghan and Harry. A few months later, the couple will choose to set up the royal family to become financially independent.

Léa Hasvry

Don Jigi Fest: "A beautiful recovery" for this glass festival .
© Archives West-France Des Skip The Use, Etienne de Crecy, Plk, Lost Frequencies, ... The festival Don Jigi Fest prepares his biggest edition Musicale ever organized, Friday 15, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17 April 2022, in Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine). 6,000 festival-goers are expected every night. © Jérôme Fouquet / Archives West-France Skip The Use singer. " is crazy about seeing the evolution of Don Jigi Fest over the years! "exclaims Thibaud.

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