Classics: She was Lieutenant Uhura in "Spaceship Enterprise": Nichelle Nichols is dead

Mike Patton on the real reason of the tour cancellations

 Mike Patton on the real reason of the tour cancellations Frontmann Mike Patton takes a breath in an interview and speaks about his mental constitution during pandemic, as well as the succession that is not foreseeable for him. © provided by Mike Patton During a Peeping Tom show in New York Frontmann Mike Patton, his heart breaks air in an interview and talks about his mental constitution during the pandemic, as well as those at the beginning for him non -foreseeable succession.

Every "spaceship Enterprise" fan knows: The actress Nichelle Nichols alias Lieutenant Uhura. Unforgettable their half turn towards Captain Kirk if he had a problem again. Then the strict look that you sitting over your shoulder, sitting on your screen, the right brow's right. He was as confident as intimidating. She was a beauty and asserted herself in an ultra-short, tight-fitting red dress not only as a woman in the spaceship-Männerwelt, she was also one of the first black women who played a woman with authority in a US television series. Martin Luther King personally, as the New York Times writes, should have thanked her for her representation in "Star Trek" with the words that Schwarze would be seen for the first time in a role on television as you can see in everyday life should. As people who have dignity and reputation.

The "Oak Fire" continues to spread at a disturbing pace

 The © Noah Berger of the firefighters clean up the hot spots when fighting the fire of Oak in the community of Jerseydale, in the county of Mariposa, in California, Monday, July 25, 2022. They are part of the Task Force Rattlesnake, a program composed of firefighters from Cal Fire and the Californian National Guard.

  Sie war Lieutenant Uhura in „Raumschiff Enterprise“: Nichelle Nichols ist tot © provided by Berliner Zeitung

that her kiss arranged by extraterrestrial kiss with her colleague William Shatner alias Captain Kirk is said to have been the first television kiss that an African American gave a white one - it was 1968 - is not true. There had already been such kisses before, and at the time it didn't even cause much sensation. But he was certainly the most viewed kiss of this kind.

Nichelle Nichols also worked beyond the television world. She helped to interest NASA, women and representatives of minorities in the work at the space agency and thus make the space travel more diverse.

was born Nichols in 1932 as Grace Dell Nichols, she grew up in Chicago, danced ballet and later worked for Duke Ellington, who made her perform on a tour in one of his jazz suites. A dancer also embodied her in Otto Preminger's film version of "Porgy and Bess". In Los Angeles she was often seen in a one-Woman show that was a homage for black women in the amusement business.

Nichelle Nichols died at the age of 89, as her son announced on her website. Her fellow actor Shatner wrote on Twitter: “I'm so sorry to hear about Nichelle’s death. She was a beautiful woman and played an admirable figure that contributed so much to redefine social problems here in the USA and all over the world. ”

Fans of the Berlin Union attacked by hooligans from Dynamo Dresden .
supplied by Sofoot when he returned from a match won in the German Cup, the Berlin Union supporters were attacked by around thirty Individuals hooded in a fast food on the edge of the highway. “The attackers, mostly hooded, rushed into the parking lot and in the restaurant and apparently struck people there. Some of them have also been stolen from supporters and bags. They were mostly Berlin supporters who came back from Chemnitz, ", said a police spokesperson.

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