Classics: Jeremstar victim of a car accident, he has melt in tears: "I don't want to die"

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Jeremstar © Jeremstar

for a few days already, Jeremstar has been on vacation in Bali with a friend. Magnificent landscapes, fine sandy beaches, turquoise waters, everything seems to be together to spend a dream stay! Unfortunately, The two friends are victims of several incidents. Only two days after a huge fire broke out next to their hotel, they have a car accident when they travel by taxi.

Jeremstar is very worried about his life

, this is not the first time that the influencer has had big frights during his vacation. Indeed, already in June 2022 on vacation in Mallorca, Jeremstar had almost drown off a beach, pushed by the currents, he could no longer return to shore , exhausted and drinking the cup, He had to call for help.

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This July 30, the influencer currently on vacation in Indonesia, was panicked when the hotel, right next to his was ravaged by the flames. A terrifying experience for the two friends, who took refuge on the beach while waiting for the fire to be under control. Unfortunately, the snowball effect is increasing, on Monday, August 1, on Monday, the holidaymakers experienced a new dramatic adventure.

@Instagram © supplied by Starmag @instagram

He explains in story:

It has just happened to us a crazy thing, but it's not possible! We just had a car accident! I still thought I saw my life scrolling.

In total panic , he adds:

I'm sorry, I am still trembling, I film you reality, I don't know what pursues us, which throws our evil eye, but it just shocked me enormously, we come to have a huge car accident. I show you, everything is smashed, it went super fast, all the airbags came out. Frankly, it's starting to scare me this bad spell that is bent. Fortunately we were attached and thank God that I always put my belt because there, it saved us. I saw that it smoked, I told myself that we had to open the doors, and they were blocked.

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Jeremstar @Snapchat © supplied by Starmag Jeremstar @Snapchat "I find that it makes a lot of warnings"

arrived in another magnificent hotel, the two friends still intend to enjoy this dream frame, in the middle of the jungle, and wish to relax in the pool. When they arrived, they were welcomed with an protective bracelet and holy water.

This protective bracelet has a lot of sense, I was super moved when it baptized us with the water of the temple. It has so much meaning after what we just experienced. Nothing happens by chance, I think I have a good star.

explains his bright eyes, before melting into tears. The counterposer of these terrible incidents is felt and Jeremstar cracks:

I don't hide you that I am a little worried, because I find that it does a lot, a lot of warnings and I don't want to die what ...

After that, the two accomplices managed to regain their positivity and fully enjoy their evening in this magnificent hotel.

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A publication shared by Jeremstar (@jeremstar)

A publication shared by Jeremstar (@jeremstar)

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