Classics: Tracklimits violation leads to racing lock

Mercedes Formula 1 team is investing in sustainable flight fuel

 Mercedes Formula 1 team is investing in sustainable flight fuel © Motorsport Images Toto Wolff also personally thinks a lot about the topic of sustainability according to as a "First sports team worldwide", the Mercedes formula 1 team is investing in sustainable Flow fuel. The measure is part of the program with which the racing team from Brackley wants to reach CO2 neutrality by 2030. "Sustainable flight fuel has the potential, the way we travel, and the effects we have on the environment.

Zwangspause für Oliver Caldwell: Der Brite hat zu viele Strafpunkte gesammelt © Motorsport Images forced break for Oliver Caldwell: The Brit has collected too many penalty points

racing lock because of the disregard of the track limits: Oliver Caldwell has its account in Formula 2 with twelve Penalpoints fully made, which is why he has to take a race because of a relatively harmless offense. The Briton was only a penalty point from a racing lock when he traveled to Hungary and got this one counter to his account when he drove several times off the track in the main race on Sunday.

According to the Commissioners of the World Association (FIA), the Formula 2 pilot "has been disregarding the track limits of the route several times for no apparent reason, which is why he received the penalty point that led to the racing lock. Three offenses were listed in round 21, 22 and 25 by the racing commissioners.

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With twelve penalty points, a Formula 2 driver automatically gets a break. This will miss Caldwell the race in Belgium in September.

The Campos pilot collected the first seven penalty points at the start in Bahrain, where he was already getting two points, since it was not correctly positioned at the start. The Brit received five more there because of the repeated disregard for the track limits. Another point was added in Saudi Arabia because he hindered Jüri Vips on the track.

He collected two more points in Imola, where he was uncertain in the pit lane and thus caused a security risk. In qualifying, he also hindered a competitor. Another violation of the track limits followed in Austria, which is why he started with eleven points in his luggage to the Hungarian race weekend. In the overall ranking,

Caldwell lies in a positive sense with eight points on the habit side - this time in a positive sense.

of the Brit is already the second Formula 2 pilot in the 2022 season, which is condemned because of a racing lock: beforehand, Van-Amersfoort-Pilot Amaury Cordel, who reached twelve points in front of Silverstone and then there by David Beckmann was replaced from Germany.

"Schlag in the face of all police officers": Public prosecutor again investigates headlines against Frankfurt officials because of chat content .
several times. This time, superiors are apparently also involved. © Photo: Silas Stein/dpa The coat of arms of the Hessen police can be seen on a uniform during a youth campaign by the police headquarters in Middle Hesse. again is the focus of the public prosecutor's focus. On Friday, search resolutions were carried out by five officers, as State Criminal Police Office and Frankfurt public prosecutor said in the evening.

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