Classics: tire damage in Most: First seasonal failure of Iker Lecuona

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Iker Lecuona ärgert sich über seinen ersten Ausfall in seiner Rookie-Saison © Motorsport Images Iker Lecuona is annoyed by his first failure in his rookie season

An impressive series by Iker Lecuona is torn in Czech must. In all previous races of the current season, the Rookie of the Superbike World Championship has collected World Cup points in every race. Now tire damage caused the Spaniard's first failure.

In the first race, Lecuona saw the target flag as an eighth and seventh in the super pole race. Finally, in the second run of the bitter failure in the last third of the race happened. Lecuona had to park his Honda next to the route.

"What should I say? I am very frustrated about the end result, for many reasons," the Spaniard is annoyed. "In the warm-up I felt so good and was round for round and constant."

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"I knew that we were able to drive a strong sprint race to make two places in the starting line -up for races. The start of the superpoles was particularly chaotic because some drivers abbreviated the harassment and cut me, which caused me to fall back on P14 . "

Then Lecuona started his chase and secured a starting place in the first three rows. "But unfortunately it went much worse in race two, because I didn't feel comfortable with the rear tire. So the gap to Gerloff and Locatelli increased."

"At first I couldn't understand why, but then two laps before the end, I felt how the rear tire gave up and I had to stop on the straight with a flat tire. I am very sad about our first DNF this season, because we couldn't do anything about it. "

Xavi Vierge again confident

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teammate Vierge showed an increase over the weekend. The Spaniard ended the Saturdays as the 15th on Sunday it was tenth in the Superpole race and seventh in the second main race.

"I am quite satisfied with how the day after some difficult moments has been going since my last injury," says Vierge. "We made a 'reset' by making some big changes to the motorcycle set-up."

"Therefore I am very satisfied that we both finished in the top 10. But apart from the results, I am glad that we understood what to do. I think that will also be good for the future. " In total,

has left a stronger impression than four in the season so far. Vierge himself thinks that with the soft tire, he tries to get the optimal performance out. But the Fireblade also has to be technically improved.

Vierge explains: "We are strong on the brake, but something is missing from the gym. That is why we cannot set up the motorcycle quickly and lose when acceleration. We are working on that. We understand how we can solve the problems. "

Honda will also take part in the Barcelona test on August 20 and 21. "Basically, I'm very satisfied with the first part of the season," says Vierge. "We are rookies and are both in the top 10 World Cup ranking. That is very positive. I think the best is still ahead of us."

in the brand rating is Honda in fourth place, nine points ahead of BMW.

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