Classics: "It does not stop, this inflation!": In Turkey, the price of fuel explodes

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Dans une rue commerçante d'Istanbul, le 14 avril 2022. © AP - Francisco Seco in a shopping street in Istanbul, April 14, 2022.

among all product categories, These are transport, the price of which has increased the most, with an annual price increase by 119%. This increase is first due to that of fuel prices, itself linked to the increase in energy prices on the world markets and to the fall in Turkish money. Unable to pay their full of essence as in the past, more and more Turks abandon their car.

With our correspondent in Istanbul, Anne Andlauer

in a service station in the center of Istanbul, Bülent, a taxi driver, fills his tank with exasperated air. For a year and a half, the price of gasoline has tripled: "It does not stop, this inflation! Before, the price already increased every week ... Now it's every 24 hours! ». In Turkey, inflation beats historical records, reaching 80% over a year in July, according to official statistics published this Wednesday.

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 Aviation: Lufthansa floor staff is on strike on Wednesday-offered © provided by Handelsblatt A first tariff offer from Lufthansa had rejected Verdi. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = shortly before the next round of negotiations in early August Verdi increases the pressure. Passengers have to prepare for flight cancellations and delays. The all -clear kept briefly. As soon as the Frankfurt airport operator Fraport had reported ordered processes on the first major holiday weekend in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, a strike day announced.

Like others in his situation, Bülent has no choice, the taxi must roll. So the savings, he tries to do them elsewhere, on his personal vehicle. “My car is still in the red. When I go to the service station, I only put a few liters of petrol at a time. I try to drive less because I can no longer afford it! Fuel has become a luxury, ”he says.

A luxury of which, every day, of the Turks decide to do without. In an IPSOS survey published at the end of July, 71% of them claim to go to work in public transport, when they used to take their own vehicle. "I don't use my car at all, she sleeps in front of my house. I take the bus ... It is not ideal, it is crowded, I often have to wait for the next one or walk to another stop ... I will have to get used to it, the prices are not about to lower! "Says Bekir, an accountant by profession.

Proof of this phenomenon, in Istanbul, the monthly number of travelers in municipal transport jumped 67% in one year.

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