Classics: Oktoberfest boss scattered all worries: "The Oktoberfest will take place"

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 Barca boss: Lewandowski Barca boss Joan Laporta raves about newcomer Robert Lewandowski. The pole is "a machine gun". Among other things, he owes that to his wife. © provided by Barca boss: Lewandowski "A machine gun" Barca boss Joan Laporta has referred to new access Robert Lewandowski as "a machine gun". (Data: The table of La Liga) “Barca needs a striker who shoots goals that is ingenious, like every big team. Robert is a machine gun.

Clemens Baumgärtner, the Oktoberfest boss since 2019, has taken the wind out of the sail of all ambiguities for the Oktoberfest. "The Oktoberfest will take place," he clarified in a press conference. Most recently, there was speculation about whether there would be Corona restrictions and whether the Oktoberfest should be held in times of energy and gas shortages. "We have a difficult environment: corona, inflation, energy shortage, Ukraine war," admitted Baumgärtner. "It doesn't make it easier." Nevertheless, the city of Munich "decided to have the Oktoberfest, as you know it".

Das Oktoberfest 2022 soll vom 17. September bis 3. Oktober stattfinden. © Svetlana Khovrina/ The Oktoberfest 2022 is to take place from September 17th to October 3.

This also means that there will be no corona restrictions: The control effort is "neither personally nor financially, technically or logistically," said Baumgärtner. This applies "for 1G as well as for 3G+". One had "checked a whole series of scenarios how that could be done. The result was always costs in the low double -digit million range."

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The conclusion: "We agree (...) that the Oktoberfest can only take place as we know and appreciate it from 2019. And not otherwise," said the Oktoberfest boss.

prices remain the same, no energy and gas shortage through the Oktoberfest

at the Oktoberfest prices will not change - despite inflation. "The prices are also not higher, even if inflation gallops," said Baumgärtner. "The beer prices are fixed, the showmen also submitted our prizes. Nobody has to worry."

The CSU politician also addressed the energy and gas shortage. "Just because the Oktoberfest takes place, they won't have to sit in the dark Christmas and exhibit the heating," said Baumgärtner. The power consumption of the Oktoberfest corresponds to 0.6 per thousand, the natural gas consumption even only 0.1 per thousand of the total consumption of Munich. You also save because the beer gardens are not heated this year. "The Oktoberfest will not lead to the lights in Munich," he said.

The 187th Oktoberfest on Theresienwiese takes place from September 17 to October 3, 2022.

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