Classics: 38 ° C in Lyon, Dijon… The heat wave is shifted on the eastern France, 26 departments still on orange alert

Sport in the heat: Doctor gives tips on how to protect yourself

 Sport in the heat: Doctor gives tips on how to protect yourself Germany experiences a heat wave no more than her. The temperatures climb, the sweat drips. Sometimes record values ​​are even expected on the thermometers. © Picture Alliance/dpa The sun bangs, but some people do not want to do without sporting activities. The photo from the Cologne city forest is of June 17, 2022. Nevertheless, there are quite a few people who, despite this, go outdoors to do sports.

  38 °C à Lyon, Dijon… La canicule se décale sur l’est de la France, 26 départements toujours en vigilance orange © Copyright 2022, the Obs

Mercury will climb high this Thursday, August 4 in the East from France. The third scorching episode of this burning summer which is coupled with drought vigilance throughout the territory strikes the east of France: it will be 36 ° C in Strasbourg, and up to 38 ° C in Lyon and Dijon.

In addition, the 26 departments placed in orange alert Wednesday, at the peak of this new episode, will remain so for this day of Thursday, from the Southwest to Burgundy and Alsace, from Languedoc to the Alps. Fifty others are in yellow on the Météo France map.

A northern wind, however, refreshes Brittany and a large strip north of the Seine and on the coasts of the Channel, again in green on the map, with, at daybreak Thursday, 13 to 17 degrees.

heat wave: 5 refreshing mists to face the strong heat

 heat wave: 5 refreshing mists to face the strong heat © Getty Images when the temperatures panic and the heat wave points the tip of its nose, it is sometimes difficult (especially in town) to find points D 'Water to cool off. The idea of ​​spending the day under a cold shower and quickly dismissed, especially when you have to spend your day in the office. The solution ? Delive a mist of water to fight the slightest stroke of hot.

This refreshment announces a more lenient weekend before a new increase in temperatures early next week. This third heat wave had to be less long than the previous one which had ended on July 25 and lasted fourteen days.

Some thunderstorms this Thursday

Video: up to 39 ° C ... Temperatures are still climbing this Wednesday (BFMTV)

Some sometimes stormy waves are also expected on Thursday. But not enough to soothe fears related to drought. July 2022 is "second in the driest months for all months combined" in France since the start of the measures in 1958-1959, with a cumulation of aggregated precipitation of 9.7 millimeters, according to Météo France. So far, the driest month ever recorded dates back to March 1961 with 7.8 millimeters.

Tour de France: Sprinter bicycles desperately against his exclusion

 Tour de France: Sprinter bicycles desperately against his exclusion tension pure at the 17th stage of the Tour de France - from the first to 143rd place. Because as captivating and narrow as the victory duel of the tour favorites Jonas Vingegaard (25) and Tadej Pogacar (23) was the desperate fight at the end of the field on Wednesday (July 20, 2022). © AFP Fabio Jakobsen sacked after his hard fight against the clock at the 17th stage of the Tour de France on Wednesday (July 20, 2022) at the finish in Peyragudes. The last 300 meters on the 129.7-kilometer sectio

"At each heat wave, we experience a bis confinement": in Aubervilliers, the ordeal of heat

The consequences are also heavy for EDF which could be forced to further lower its production of nuclear electricity in the coming days and even Stop a reactor from the Tricastin power station (Drôme) due to the high temperatures of rivers. EDF also warned of possible "production restrictions" at the Saint-Alban power station (Isère), on the Rhône, or that of Golfech (Tarn-et-Garonne), on the Garonne.

Other sector in great suffering: agriculture . "We had almost chronologically the pig crisis, avian flu, the Ukrainian crisis, frost and hail and comes drought ... Over twelve months, we had the condensed of what we have on five or ten years", Summaged Minister Marc Fesneau in an interview with AFP. "Agriculture is one of the first victims of climate change," he said, saying that "what we have this year is the typical year that we will have in 2050". Among the most affected, some cattle breeders are reduced to selling their animals, for lack of being able to feed them.

Could the episodes of drought affect France's food sovereignty?

Since 1947, 45 heat waves have been identified in France. But his waves "have been significantly more numerous in recent decades. Over the past 35 years, they have been three times more numerous than over the previous 35 years, ”according to Météo France.

Heat wave: With 5 tips you start refreshed in hot days .
at the moment one heat wave after the other. This can rob important energy that we need to master stressful everyday life. © GettyImages Heat shaft With five tips, we will help you to start the day with a clear head in the morning despite maximum temperatures. 1. With lukewarm instead of cold water, start the day Many people drink a cold glass of water in the morning to start the day refreshed. What is very good in principle should be done differently on particularly hot days.

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