Classics: DSDS: Big change in anniversary relay

Women's Euro: Between Oranje and Bleues, the unequal match of the stands

 Women's Euro: Between Oranje and Bleues, the unequal match of the stands © Lee Smith / Reuters The wave of Dutch supporters fortunately that the quarter-final of the euro between France and the Netherlands this Saturday (9:00 p.m. ) Rotherham will not be played by acclamation of the public.

for DSDS fans It must have been the news of the year: Dieter Bohlen, Germany's most critical juror, actually returns to " Deutschland sucht the Superstar ", the casting show that he has shaped itself so significantly. But this is not the only big surprise that the farewell relay of DSDS has for the fans: Those who make it through the Casting will be ordered as usual for the first Recall on the Mallorca Balearic Island, where it is decided , Anyone who can go to the next big recall on world tour ...

DSDS Dieter Bohlen © TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius DSDS Dieter Bohlen on the world tour with DSDS

The DSDS makers seem to hit the nerve of the publicly plagued public: Vacation was often only in Germany and then mostly possible with restrictions. Now wanderlust and summer lust are on an all -time high and the last season of DSDS wants to breastfeed this need in which the show brings the winners of the individual recalls from an exotic dream destination and invites the viewer to sink in parallel in the holiday feeling. Which places this will be besides Mallorca will not yet be known. So it remains exciting.

Schnauzer becomes 70: Heiner Brand remembers triumph and "the worst experience"

 Schnauzer becomes 70: Heiner Brand remembers triumph and Gummersbach-the idea of ​​a big party for the 70th birthday has quickly rejected handball legend Heiner Brand -but not because of the Corona pandemy . © provided by Tag24 Handball legend Heiner Brand celebrates his 70th birthday on Tuesday (July 26). "My 50th I celebrated with around 250 guests. One wonders afterwards: Who did you actually speak to? and so the jubilee celebrates this Tuesday "only in the closest family circle with my wife, my children and the grandchildren.

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If you want to prepare yourself properly for the new season (and want to see the high last episodes as a comparison), can stream numerous past seasons via RTL+ .

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orphans, the famous Corgis of Elizabeth II adopted by his son Andrew .
© Steve Parsons The Queen Elizabeth II and one of her Corgis dogs, on February 4, 2022 in London their fate had so far remained suspended : The adored corgis of Queen Elizabeth, inseparable dogs of the sovereign who died Thursday at the age of 96, finally found a home: with his son Prince Andrew.

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