Classics: Federal Network Agency: In the event of a shortage of gas

Oktoberfest boss scattered all worries: "The Oktoberfest will take place"

 Oktoberfest boss scattered all worries: Clemens Baumgärtner, the Oktoberfest boss since 2019, has taken the wind out of the sail of all ambiguities for the Oktoberfest. "The Oktoberfest will take place," he clarified in a press conference. Most recently, there was speculation about whether there would be Corona restrictions and whether the Oktoberfest should be held in times of energy and gas shortages. "We have a difficult environment: corona, inflation, energy shortage, Ukraine war," admitted Baumgärtner.

, the federal states are sufficiently integrated into the development of emergency plans in the event of a possible gas shortage. From the beginning, the federal states were involved in the gas team, suggestions and criticism are happy to accept the network agency, said Müller on Tuesday in the ZDF morning magazine.

Klaus Müller, Präsident der Bundesnetzagentur, steht vor dem Haus der Bundesnetzagentur. © Oliver Berg/dpa Klaus Müller, President of the Federal Network Agency, stands in front of the Federal Network Agency's house.

transparency is important, but in crisis situations must be traded quickly. Perhaps you only have 24 hours to prepare a certain decision, and even less to make them. "And we know from other crisis situations when many want to have a say that unfortunately it is often not that fast," said Müller.

Land: BUND must pay possible succession for 9-euro ticket

 Land: BUND must pay possible succession for 9-euro ticket in the debate about a successor to the 9-euro ticket demands Bavaria that the federal government alone pays the costs for such an offer. Transport Minister Christian Bernreiter (CSU) told the German Press Agency on Saturday, "In this extraordinary situation, the federal government must ensure further relief for citizens - and exclusively the federal government". After all, the countries paid for a number of federal relief, "although they did not initiate them".

The most important priority has to avoid a gas deficiency. Savings are important here, emphasized the head of the authorities. Germany has to save 20 percent gas to get on well over autumn and winter. But it is not a good idea to heat with electricity now. This is much more expensive even with the increased gas prices. It is better to adjust the heating better and to consider how warm it must be.

Video: Network agency warns citizens: monthly payments for gas triple (SAT.1)

Several federal states want to have a say in the emergency plans, according to which the gas would be distributed and rationed in this country. In view of the considerable economic and social effects, this decision could not be left to the Federal Network Agency, Hamburg's first mayor, Peter Tschenscher (SPD), emphasized at the beginning of the week. Berlin's Senator for Economic Affairs Stephan Schwarz (independent) said that the decisions would affect the federal states in an emergency. Therefore, these would have to be included "seriously". The previous procedure "completely miss this".

federal states cancel resistance to relief package to .
Berlin. There are continuing resistance in the federal states against the third relief package of the traffic light coalition. Above all, there is a lack of a lack of coordination by the federal government with the countries in the financing of the individual relief measures. © Monika Skolimowska euro notes on a table (symbol image). "In the current form, the relief package is by no means approval," said Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder of "Welt am Sonntag".

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