Classics: Deutsche Bank: summer will be hot ... for employees

Förderbank: KfW boss Stefan Wintels wants to be more than a crisis manager

 Förderbank: KfW boss Stefan Wintels wants to be more than a crisis manager © provided by Handelsblatt The KfW boss considers the consequences of the war in Ukraine to be "fundamental, structural and long-term" than at Covid. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = Wintels not only wants to save energy companies in need, but also promote future technologies and the sustainable conversion of the economy. Stefan Wintels knows about turbulent times. In the financial crisis, he was involved in the state rescue of money houses as an investment banker.

employees of Deutsche Bank will have to bear the heat a little more in German offices ... to support efforts against the energy crisis in the country, And perhaps also to achieve the financial objectives of the general manager Christian Sewing, the air conditioning will be reduced in the premises so as not to exceed 25 degrees, against 23 degrees currently. The toilets will only offer cold water and the fountain located in front of the head office of Frankfurt will be cut, said the bank in a press release.

These changes come as Germany faces an unprecedented energy crisis, after Russia has reduced the Western gas supply following the sanctions imposed with the conflict in Ukraine. A strong heat wave in the region has exacerbated the situation, pushing the prices of electricity to new heights.

"Top start-up time": Home start of the DFB women in Dresden

 at the European Championship in England knew how to inspire the German women's national team, the start-up of the vice-European champions is therefore also a corresponding setting. © Imago/Nico Herbertz is next presented in Dresden: the German national women. semi-final new edition After the last two World Cup qualifiers On Monday, the DFB women were celebrated after their return despite the lost European Championship final against England (1: 2 n.V.) at the Frankfurt Römer, the next appearance

fewer office spaces

controlling energy consumption will also absorb the effects of inflation on the financial objectives of Deutsche Bank. The measures announced Tuesday, combined with the decision to extinguish or reduce lighting at night, should save almost 5 million kW/h of electricity per year, the equivalent of the consumption of 1,600 households Of two people, said the bank.

She also prepares measures to reduce the use of gas, pending government decisions. In this context, the office reduction plan should be crucial, Deutsche Bank aimed at reducing its 40% premises in Frankfurt and in the neighboring city of Eschborn by 2024.

  Deutsche Bank : l'été sera chaud... pour les salariés © Reuters

ECB presses the pace - further powerful rate hike .
Europe's currency authorities in the fight against record inflation attract the interest reins vigorously. The Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) decided on Thursday a further significant increase in interest rates by 0.75 percentage points. This increases the key interest rate, to which commercial banks can borrow fresh money from the ECB, to 2.0 percent, as the central bank in Frankfurt announced.

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