Classics: Friday, hot day in France, fires continue

Tour de France: Sprinter bicycles desperately against his exclusion

 Tour de France: Sprinter bicycles desperately against his exclusion tension pure at the 17th stage of the Tour de France - from the first to 143rd place. Because as captivating and narrow as the victory duel of the tour favorites Jonas Vingegaard (25) and Tadej Pogacar (23) was the desperate fight at the end of the field on Wednesday (July 20, 2022). © AFP Fabio Jakobsen sacked after his hard fight against the clock at the 17th stage of the Tour de France on Wednesday (July 20, 2022) at the finish in Peyragudes. The last 300 meters on the 129.7-kilometer sectio

Vendredi 12 août, pic de chaleur en France © Bertrand Guay / AFP Friday August 12, heat peak in France

The heat wave reached its peak on Friday August 12 in France, with between 38 and 41 ° C, While thousands of European firefighters still fight important forest fires, especially near Landiras, in Gironde.

A taste of 2050: the third heat wave of the year in France reaches its peak on Friday August 12, with between 38 and 41 ° C in the country, heat that exhausts the hundreds of French and now European firefighters committed to east to west on multiple fires.

Les pompiers en pleine action pour maîtriser un feu de chaume près de Troarn, jeudi 11 août. © Laurent Neveu The firefighters in action to master a thatched fire near Troarn, Thursday August 11.

In the worst area of ​​the French forest fire, near Landiras, in Gironde, it should still be 37 ° C Friday, after 41 ° C Thursday, where 1,100 firefighters are fighting day and night.

France 2: Laurent Luyat forced to abandon the Tour de France for "health concerns"

 France 2: Laurent Luyat forced to abandon the Tour de France for The animator of bicycle club announced on social networks that he could not continue the presentation of the program for Last stages of the Tour, following health problems. © FR2 The Bike Club animator announced on social networks that he could not continue to present the program for the last stages of the Tour, following health problems. Bad news for lovers of Vélo Club and the Tour de France.

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forest fires still active

to support them, 361 European firefighters - Germans, Polish, Austrians or Romanians - as well as Italian, Greek and Swedish Canadia took the Southern Southern Route Thursday. -Tre .

of the rains of ash, an orange sky, the air loaded with a smell of smoke ... This monster fire - which had already blackened 14,000 hectares in July and ravaged 7,400 in two days - pushed to evacuate of 10,000 people. Hanging on empty dwellings, testimonies of gratitude - "thank you for our houses" or "thank you firefighters", painted on white sheets.

"It feels like California, it's gigantic ... Yet there is a local forest fire culture", confides the eyes surrounded by Rémy Lahlay, professional firefighter for 20 years, who came in reinforcement from La Rochelle and accustomed to coniferous forests, "but here we are overwhelmed from everywhere".

Tour de France: A big departure in Italy is looming

 Tour de France: A big departure in Italy is looming provided by Cycling-Tour de France: a big departure in Italy is strongly envisaged The Tour de France will soon visit a new country For his big departure? While Denmark recently became the tenth territory outside France to host the event, a rumor was launched in Italy a few weeks ago. Indeed, according to the Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport, The 2024 edition of the Grande Boucle would be launched from Florence with three stages fully organized on Italian territory .

More hectares burned this summer

three times more hectares in France have burned that the annual average of the last ten years, and the year has been record in the European Union since the start of the statements in 2006.

Even the Jura, with a normally more moderate climate,

has been struck : since Tuesday, two fires have devoured around 660 hectares of forest in the south of the department. At the end of the afternoon late Thursday, the progress of one of the fires in the communes of Vescles and Cernona could be slowed down while the other, about twenty km southwest, was fixed, according to the prefecture .

Before nightfall, the fire continued to progress in Isère in the town of Vif and Ardèche near Vallon-Pont d'Arc. In Drôme, the fire was still not fixed in the Diois massif in Romeyer.


The Sun will be burning throughout the country on Friday, with 19 departments in the Southwest in Finistère placed in orange heat wave by Météo-France.

The "Oak Fire" continues to spread at a disturbing pace

 The © Noah Berger of the firefighters clean up the hot spots when fighting the fire of Oak in the community of Jerseydale, in the county of Mariposa, in California, Monday, July 25, 2022. They are part of the Task Force Rattlesnake, a program composed of firefighters from Cal Fire and the Californian National Guard.

The 40 ° C threshold was only exceeded once in the 1960s and once in the 1970s in France. He is doomed to become more frequent.

The danger of body heat waves is that the nights remain hot and exhaust us. Perpignan has already undergone 42 tropical nights (more than 20 ° C) this year, against an average of 15 in the 1960s, according to Jean-Michel Soubeyroux de Météo-France.

The summer of 2022 in France already approaches what would be "an average summer summer" in one of the pessimistic scenarios of global warming, he said to AFP.

Even in an intermediate scenario, around 2050, the Lyonnais, for example, could undergo 35 tropical nights per year, instead of 14.

exceptional drought

The drought remains exceptional in the country, after a month of July where less 'A centimeter of rain fell on average. The water tables are emptying at a worrying level, warned the geological and mining research office (BRGM).

It is prohibited to water on a large part of France and 73 prefects have even prohibited water withdrawals from farmers from all or part of their departments, a prohibition not always respected.

Drought and heat wave reduce the yields of many agricultural activities: arboriculture, market gardening, cereals - with corn that dry up, and farming animals are no exception. A dairy cow produces for example 10 to 20% milk during hot weather.

"I am the optimistic type but when you suffer the covid, then a fourth pandemic of avian influenza, then four episodes of heat wave and a drought, it's hard" , confides a cultivator of the Landes, Michel Larrère.

This long -awaited rain, by firefighters as well as by other inhabitants, will arrive by thunderstorms Friday evening on the Alps and the Pyrenees, but only from Saturday evening on the rest of France.

Weather. The orange vigilance raised in the Southeast, what should we expect for this weekend? .
© Daniel Fouray / Ouest-France Two people protect themselves from rain with umbrellas. (Illustration photo). Météo-France lifted this Saturday, September 3, 2022 the orange vigilance established the day before in six departments in the Southeast. The weather will remain covered this Saturday on a wide half of the country, before thinking expected on Sunday. The weather will oscillate between rain and clearings for this first weekend in September.

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