Classics: In the Donbass, the Dolzhanskaya Capital mine, under the control of pro-Russian separatists, turns at full speed

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Vue de l'intérieur de la mine de Dolzhanskaya Capital. © Anissa El Jabri / RFI View of the Dolzhanskaya Capital mine.

Mines and factories of Donbass were the industrial heart of the Soviet Union and then Ukraine. Part of them has been under the control of pro-Russian separatists for eight years. At a time when Europeans seek to do without Russian raw materials such as gas and oil, a visit to one of these mines during a press trip organized by the Russian army.

of our special envoy to Lugansk,

under the shoes, on the hands, sticks and hangs a long slippery and black earth: the land of the Donbass. A land rich in black gold, a quality coal, as Roman Petrovich Belovol explains, the chief engineer of the Dolzhanskaya Capital mine, in the Lougansk region: "There is a real potential of expansion. We are currently exploiting four veins of coal, one of them since 1981 is the main thing, and that is the best in the whole region. We have discovered it and we have worked it for the Soviet years. Now we are starting to work on another layer. It is of less good quality, but it is always a very good anthracite.

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 Daniil Kwjat full of drive: © Alpine Ex-F1 Pilot Daniil Kwjat in 2022 three races in the highest Nascar league when the Hezeberg team released on Tuesday that Daniil Kwjat At the weekend at the Indianapolis circuit, his debut in the highest Nascar league and thus his Nascar debut will make one or the other surprised reaction. For KWJAT itself, the step is anything but surprising.

A message to Europeans

between 1,000 and 1,500 tonnes of coal are extracted every day, 40,000 tonnes of anthracite per month. Since the end of February and the men mobilized in combat, the workers are less numerous, especially since here the wages are low: 500 euros on average against the double in certain Russian mining basins. However, the company assures it, the mine continues to turn at full speed.

For the moment, the coal of this mine especially feeds the neighboring thermal power plant, it could do much more, hope these leaders: feed not only Russia but also all the markets that remain open. Message to Europeans before the arrival of winter.

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