Classics: Leipzig boss Mintzlaff: New sports director comes once

Barca boss: Lewandowski "A machine gun"

 Barca boss: Lewandowski Barca boss Joan Laporta raves about newcomer Robert Lewandowski. The pole is "a machine gun". Among other things, he owes that to his wife. © provided by Barca boss: Lewandowski "A machine gun" Barca boss Joan Laporta has referred to new access Robert Lewandowski as "a machine gun". (Data: The table of La Liga) “Barca needs a striker who shoots goals that is ingenious, like every big team. Robert is a machine gun.

DFB Cup winner RB Leipzig wants to present a new sports director "promptly". «It comes because we need it too. RB Leipzig belongs to a strong sporty man, a figurehead, »said RB boss Oliver Mintzlaff on Sky.

Oliver Mintzlaff ist der Geschäftsführer von RB Leipzig. © Tom Weller/dpa Oliver Mintzlaff is the managing director of RB Leipzig.

"We want the right one, and we will soon present it," said Mintzlaff. The 46-year-old football official also did not want to rule out a commitment from Max Eberl, the former sports director of Borussia Mönchengladbach. «We don't rule out anything today. We will say that in this case, I can say that in this case. »

Eberl voluntarily ceded his office as Gladbach sports director in January for health reasons. His contract with the Borussia was not dissolved, he rests. Since then, the 48-year-old has withdrawn from the public.

Wetter-Chaos and Haaland! Bayern's US tour ends Bitter

 Wetter-Chaos and Haaland! Bayern's US tour ends Bitter The FC Bayern loses against Manchester City at the end of his USA tour. A storm causes chaos around the friendly in Green Bay. © provided by Wetter-Chaos and Haaland! Bavaria's US tour ends Bitter Bitter evening for FC Bayern! At the end of his trip to the USA, the record champion wanted to recharge your mind before the Supercup against RB Leipzig (July 30). Instead, Julian Nagelsmann's team lost 0-1 against Manchester City in Green Bay. The goal scorer: Ex-BVB star Erling Haaland.

The Saxons have been looking for a sports director after the separation from Markus Krösche for over a year. Mintzlaff had repeatedly announced a 1a solution, but postponed the presentation.

Laimer probably stays in Leipzig

The Austrian Konrad Laimer, which is courted by FC Bayern Munich, probably remains in Leipzig. «There is no Basta from me. This only exists when everything is decided. But the tendency is that it stays, »said RB boss Mintzlaff. «It is not the case that it is an unbearable situation for Konnie. I think that he was also very looking forward to Timo Werner because the two get along well. But you can't rule out anything in football. »

The Leipziger had signed national players Timo Werner from Chelsea this week. When asked about the Laimer personnel, Werner had not been able to affirm a laugh at his introductory press conference in Leipzig. "I saw him yesterday, today I saw him," said the 26-year-old on Wednesday. "So he's still there." Laimer's contract with the DFB Cup winner runs until 2023. In the home game against Cologne, he was missing due to an ankle injury.

Greens boss Lang, despite the energy crisis, penetrates the .
coal phase-out despite the energy crisis, Greens boss Ricarda Lang continues to prefer to exceed the coal phase-out. "It is necessary for us to get out of coal in 2030 - if only to reach our climate goals," Lang told the Funke media group newspapers. "We want to reaffirm that at our party conference," she added with a view to the meeting planned for October. © John MacDougall Despite the energy crisis, Greens boss Ricarda Lang continues to prefer to exaggerate the coal phase-out.

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