Classics: An extraordinary team: the true story behind the vintage and feminist series of Video

Thanks to the "Barbie" film: Barbie Blond, as a hairstyle trend in the summer of 2022, the most popular blond tone

 Thanks to the has now become a film that the social media is currently having a trot: "Barbie". The shooting runs at full speed and the first pictures of the two main actors Barbie (Margot Robbie) and Ken (Ryan Gosling) come to us. The story is quickly explained: a doll in Barbieland is forced to leave the country due to its many imperfections and embarks on an adventure in the real world. On her trip, she finally realizes that true perfection can only be found inside.

Une équipe hors du commun : l'histoire vraie derrière la série vintage et féministe de Prime Video © Prime Video An extraordinary team: the true story behind the vintage and feminist series of Prime Video A team out of the Common, the new series of premium video devoted to the first baseball players in America in the 1940s, arrives on the platform this Friday, August 12!

Sparkling and entertaining, An extraordinary team , The new Prime Video series, which was full of new features in August , transports us in 1943, in an America in full change, when of the training of the first professional female baseball league. At the top of this predominantly female cast, Abbi Jacobsen, is co-creator and screenwriter. She replies to Arcy Carden, Suna Adams, Arcy Carden, Kelly McCormack, Nick Offerman and Patrick J. Adams ( Suits ). Like the film released in 1992, the feature film carried by Tom Hanks and Geena Davis, An extraordinary team is freely adapted with real facts.

Deaths at 89 years old from Nichelle Nichols, black heroine of Star Trek

 Deaths at 89 years old from Nichelle Nichols, black heroine of Star Trek © Chelsea Guglielmino The actress Nichols in December 2021 in Los Angeles the African-American actress Nichelle Nichols, known for her pioneer role of high offend The cult Star Trek series, died in the night from Saturday to Sunday at the age of 89, announced its family on Sunday in a statement. "Last night, my mother Nichelle Nichols died of natural causes," said her son Kyle on the actress's official website, "His life has been well experienced and was a model for all of us".

During the war, women replaced men on baseball fields

in the 1940s, the United States, which have just entered war, send many young men to the front . Women, formerly relegated to household chores, participate in the war effort by working in factories to make ammunition. In the absence of many of their players, club directors of the Professional Baseball League, worried about their sport, then have the idea of ​​genius to set up a professional baseball female league. The All-American Girls Baseball League (AAGBBL) was born in the spring of 1943, under the leadership of a board of directors. The administrators went in search of talented players across the country, as well as in Canada. Out of 280 having participated in the last trials, 60 were selected thus becoming the first women to play baseball in a professional league. Among them, Mary "Bonnie" Baker, Ann Harnett, Edie Perlick and Shirley Jameson. The teams were made up of fifteen players, a coach and manager and ... a hood!

Dior takes over the tax in Gran Turismo 7 for a new cooperation

 Dior takes over the tax in Gran Turismo 7 for a new cooperation Dior designs a virtual look for the video game Gran Turismo 7 - a new collaboration The meta -severse is becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry. Dior has just announced a new project in cooperation with Gran Turismo 7, a racing game that is one of the longest -running franchises in the world of gaming in its seventh edition. Kim Jones, the artistic director of Dior Men , had the honorable task to sign this first virtual fashion project of the luxury company run by LVMH.

Baseball players had to follow the courses of a "charming school"

Other times, other manners: the female league was subject to strict regulations where femininity was a priority for managers of the League. Its owner Philip K. Wrigley has passed a contract with the Helena Rubenstein beauty salon. Women had to follow the courses of a "charming school" with recommendations on hygiene and good manners. Each player was also offered a beauty kit. On the costume side, Ms. Wrigley, the artistic designer has designed special uniforms. Ann Harnett, Softball Star and first to sign a contract with the League, served as a model for these costumes. The flared tunics with short skirts were inspired by the outfits of figure skating, hockey on lawn and tennis of the time. Satin shorts, knee -rising socks and a cap supplemented the whole.

The League dies in general indifference ...

The League managed to capitalize on the patriotic atmosphere of the country and experiences good years and the famous charming school has been abandoned. The players participated in the war effort by participating in exhibition matches in army camps for veterans, and by going to hospitals to visit the wounded soldiers. In 1945, the League still met with more than 400,000 spectators. In the early 1950s, the advent of television matches of major leagues and the difficulty in recruiting players led to the breathlessness of the league. In 1954, only five teams were still in the running, including the Rockford team, which we see in the series. The League officially ended in 1954. The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League gave the opportunity to more than 600 female athletes to play professional baseball at a level never reached before. In the late 1980s, she experienced a renewed interest when several documentaries and books were devoted to her, before the film's release in 1992.

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