Classics: van der Vaart is: Barca boss is "a small idiot"

Barca boss: Lewandowski "A machine gun"

 Barca boss: Lewandowski Barca boss Joan Laporta raves about newcomer Robert Lewandowski. The pole is "a machine gun". Among other things, he owes that to his wife. © provided by Barca boss: Lewandowski "A machine gun" Barca boss Joan Laporta has referred to new access Robert Lewandowski as "a machine gun". (Data: The table of La Liga) “Barca needs a striker who shoots goals that is ingenious, like every big team. Robert is a machine gun.

The financially stricken FC Barcelona is criticized for the offensive approach to the transfer market. Rafael van der Vaart is also upset and does not take a leaf out of his mouth.

Van der Vaart wettert: Barca-Boss ist © provided by van der Vaart: Barca boss is "a small idiot"

Rafael van der Vaart has etched against FC Barcelona!

In a conversation with the Dutch TV station Ziggo , the 39-year-old released his displeasure towards the club policy of the Catalans. He called Barca President Joan Laporta an "idiot" and compared the club to a "mafia". (News: All current information about La Liga)

“How about everything in the world can you buy players if you don't have money? I think that's a shame. And Laporta, who laughs everywhere with his big head. This man thinks he's the king. But I think he's a little idiot, ”rumbled van der Vaart.

Dream goal decides Wilden Clasico-Xavis praise for Lewandowski debut

 Dream goal decides Wilden Clasico-Xavis praise for Lewandowski debut The first highlight in the Barça jersey has behind Robert Lewandowski (33): At his starting eleven premiere for the Catalans, the Pole won an intensive and partly wild clasico. However, the decision brought a different new addition. © Imago Images (2) in his first Clasico also on the road as a mediator: Robert Lewandowski (far right).

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In addition, the ex-professional was mightily eaten due to the contract with his compatriot Frenkie de Jong .

“You can't treat people like that. Does Frenkie deserve too much? If you sign a contract, you fulfill it or go for a good thing, but not in this way, ”said the Dutch.

van der Vaart: "They have to be punished"

"This is a mafia and they have to be punished," said Van der Vaart.

he added: “Barca's reputation has become really bad. It was a great club and everyone wanted to play there. ”

until the start of the season, FC Barcelona worried about the use of seven actors who could not be registered for a long time . With Jules Koundé, this still has not happened. (Data: Results and Game of La Liga)


debut by Robert Lewandowski was only enough to go to a goalless draw against Rayo Vallecano.

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