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 Sport in the heat: Doctor gives tips on how to protect yourself Germany experiences a heat wave no more than her. The temperatures climb, the sweat drips. Sometimes record values ​​are even expected on the thermometers. © Picture Alliance/dpa The sun bangs, but some people do not want to do without sporting activities. The photo from the Cologne city forest is of June 17, 2022. Nevertheless, there are quite a few people who, despite this, go outdoors to do sports.

Wandel Rorse is the German name of varieties of Lantana Camara. They are characterized by the fact that they bloom throughout the summer to frost. But they shouldn't be missing anything.

Wandelröschen © provided by my beautiful garden converted florets

converters have their name, since the individual tiny flowers of their spherical inflorescences change their flower colors over time. Most of them are yellow and change into orange, red, pink, pink or white. So each inflorescence quickly has at least two colors. This phenomenon is by no means a nice marginal phenomenon, but sends an important signal to pollinating insects: Young yellow flowers have nectar ready, different colors have already been drunk empty and possibly already dusted; However, the petals are so firm that they are not yet falling, but have long contributed to the attracting effect of the plant.

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and not only the individual inflorescence is durable. converted florets bloom from the beginning of the summer season to the end. This is extremely cheap because they are among the best suppliers nectar searching insects that you can plant in your garden. For example, it is always fascinating to see how the domestic butterfly " Taubenschwänchchen " is similar to a Kolibri in front of the converted florets in a whirling flight.

Water never drove up

Wandel Rores are several years of sun -loving trees, regardless of whether they only cultivate them for one season or hibernate them in a cool and bright manner. As such, they react sensitively when they dry out. Once dry trees are much more difficult to reactivate than fully herbaceous plants. That is the motto at the Lantannen: Pour attentively! This can be done daily in vessels or the mostly narrow balcony boxes in heat months. Wands in beds can usually develop more and deeper root mass and, depending on the current state, can be omitted. However, please do not stand in dry soil and suck with the leaves.

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Plants Wandlers: Flower spectacle in the saucepan Rorches, change: The colorful play of colors of the small converted flower flowers lets the balcony and terrace shine in ever new shades. no longer experiences of nothing comes from nothing: nutrients for growth

the more and more often a plant blooms in one season, the more nutrients it needs for this effort - this is no secret and also applies to convertible florets. Young plants that are planted in May are usually about 10 to 20 centimeters high and wide, but increase multiple and already exceed the semi -meter brand in midsummer - with a corresponding abundance of flower. In addition to planting in predefined earth, the supply of nutrients must therefore be ensured permanently. As usual in such cases, long -term fertilizer can be administered from June to September in vessels , or they enrich the irrigation water every week with a common liquid fertilizer after recommended dosage.

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plastering the inflorescences required

for all permanent plants, the flowers of which are dusted and then set seeds, the following flower is decreased or comes to a standstill. Wands are no exception and the fertile varieties form pretty but inedible dark red berries. In areas without frost - for example in Mediterranean areas in which Lantannen were introduced as an ornamental plant - they even sow themselves out moderately. Although all the converters are surrounded by pollecting insects during the heyday, a number of varieties do not set any fruits. Watch your new purchase if you don't know him yet: If berries can be seen, you know that you have to break out for a permanent flora. If there are no fruits, new shoots overgrown the old ones and continue to bloom without their intervention until frosts end the colorful spectacle.

balcony & terrace wintering tips for converters convertible florets (Lantana) are among the most sensitive to frost and therefore have to warm up early. This is how you successfully hibernate the tropical flower bushes. Experience more Credit

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