Classics: Jorge Martin: "Want to go to the Ducati works team, but I don't know anything"

New contract: Philipp Öttl also pilots a Ducati

 New contract: Philipp Öttl also pilots a Ducati © Team GOELEVE Philipp Öttl in the Superbike World Championship 2023 with Goeleven for another year Philipp Öttl will also drive in the 2023 WSBK season for the Goeleven team And pilot a Ducati Panigale V4R. As part of the Superbike World Championship in Most, the team announced the contract extension with Öttl. "I'm looking forward to another year with the Goeleven team," notes Öttl. "We fit together very well. We were quite close to the top group in Assen.

Jorge Martin sieht sich selbst in einem Aufwärtstrend © Motorsport Images Jorge Martin sees himself in an upward trend

at the Grand Prix of Austria, a duel is the focus this weekend. Spielberg will be the decisive race for Enea Bastianini and Jorge Martin. Afterwards Ducati wants to make the decision who will switch to the factory team next year. Francesco Bagnaia's teammate is to be presented at the home race in Misano in early September.

Bastianini won three races in the current season. The Italian is fourth with 118 points. Martin stood twice as the podium. He has collected 81 points and is a World Cup elder. The Spaniard also had several failures.

In addition, Martin had a struggle with an old injury and also had to be operated on in the right hand. That is why Ducati moved the decision to the end of August to give both drivers more time to present themselves.

Marc Surer: Fernando Alonsos Speed ​​could let up in one or two years

 Marc Surer: Fernando Alonsos Speed ​​could let up in one or two years © Motorsport Images Fernando Alonso is currently the oldest driver in Formula-1 Formula 1 expert Marc Surer, why Alpine Fernando Alonso Wanted to give a one -year contract for 2023 with an option for another season in 2024 and not a multi -year contract, as Alonso has now found and signed it with Aston Martin. "The clock is ticking at Alonso. It may be able to continue in this form for a year or two.

Most recently in Silverstone Bastianini prevailed in the final phase and grabbed Martin fourth place. Now Spielberg is waiting, where Martin celebrated his first win in the premier class as a rookie last year.

"I honestly have no idea," Martin is quoted by the 'AS'. "If I could tell you where I will be next year. But I don't know. Six races ago I had a somewhat clearer idea, but according to everything that happened."

"I try to fight the position in which I want to be. This is the Ducati works team. But I drive my championship, regardless of whether I am at Pramac or Ducati. In both cases I will have the same material available . This is important."

"Fight from the image and to fight the World Cup title, it is better to be in the factory team. But the material is the same. It would not affect me too much if I stayed with Pramac," says Martin.

The radical rear wing of Aston Martin: What it means for the others

 The radical rear wing of Aston Martin: What it means for the others © Giorgio Piola The rear wing of Aston Martin for the first time. Because the rule keepers wanted to prevent some certain developments with clear formulations in order to achieve their overarching goal - namely better racing. But there is a plot twist. The teams have largely adhered to the intentions of the regulations, but that does not mean that there are no more innovative approaches. The creative designers let their muscles play and interpret the rules in their own way.

Because the Pramac team will also receive the same Desmosedici as the factory team next year. The Pramac drivers also have factory contracts and are paid for by Ducati. So the sporting requirements are practically the same.

Martin admits: Injuries have changed him

the season of Martin Glich's season a roller coaster ride. Most recently, his results stabilized. He has always been in the top 10 since second place in Barcelona. "Usually I am increasingly competitive in the second half of the season," he looks ahead.

"If I had finished the races in the positions I had when I fell, then I would be in the top 4 in the championship. So my realistic position is not where I stand. But I will pick up and think, think, Our strengths are still coming. " In retrospect,

was a sticking point his severe fall in Portimao in the previous year when he suffered several injuries. Martin therefore missed a total of four races. Hand surgery in this early summer was also a episode of that time.

That changed him: "Yes, I'm now more afraid of falls and I am more respect for injuries. This is a change that I feel when I drive. I always have a security pad. Also helped me to think more rational before I do something. "

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