Classics: Hertha with Speed: Ejuke enliven Berlin wing game

Knoche: Due to triple burden, many defenders

 Knoche: Due to triple burden, many defenders defense chief Robin Knoche from the Bundesliga club Union Berlin sees the large range of central defenders at his club as necessary. «I read that we have too many players in the position. On the other hand, there are three competitions for us that are very intense, »said the 30 -year -old« picture ». «We are often active every three days by mid -November. You just need a broad squad. This has proven itself in the first half of the season last season. We want to be fresh in every game.

Chidera Ejuke Sandro Schwarz was already noticeable in Moscow. The fast wing car was annoyed by the then coach of Dynamo Moscow in derbies against ZSKA. At Hertha BSC, Schwarz is building the pace of the Nigerian. On Friday (8:30 p.m./DAZN), Ejuke is also to whirl on the left wing on the 3rd matchday of the Bundesliga at Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Die Berliner jubeln nach einem Tor, links Maximilian Mittelstädt, rechts Chidera Ejuke (40). © Christophe Gateau/dpa The Berliners cheer for a goal, Maximilian Mittelstädt on the left, right Chidera Ejuke (40).

"Chidi brings every training session on, it plays and gains physically," said Schwarz about the 24 -year -old Ejuke, who could be the solution to the ongoing outdoor railway problem of the Berliners.

Ejuke has currently contested Myziane Maolida. He is looking for one-on-one situations, is very agile. In addition, the foreign attacker, who has been playing in Europe since 2017 and played in Moscow with Valerenga Oslo and the Dutch first division club SC Heerenveen, was preparing 1-0 by Suat Serdar against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Black still sees potential for improvement. "He has to improve when making decisions whether he has to dribble or play now," said Schwarz, "but that's a process." This should continue on Friday.

Talks with ambassadors are "natural": AfD boss wants to continue to maintain connections to Russia .
Tino Chrupalla, despite the Ukraine War, with Moscow. He only spoke to Russia's ambassador Sergei Netschajew in Berlin in early September. © Photo: Reuters/Michele Tantussi Tino Chrupalla (AfD) on September 28th in the Bundestag. AfD boss Tino Chrupalla maintains contacts with Russia regardless of the war in Ukraine. He thinks it is "right and a matter of course, talking to all ambassadors, including the Russian ambassador," Chrupalla told the "Spiegel".

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