Classics: Immobilier: sales of apartments at the highest in large Parisian crown

Porsche puts latte for return: thrust through electric cars

 Porsche puts latte for return: thrust through electric cars The sports car manufacturer Porsche takes a lot before the planned IPO for the coming years. Management around Chief Oliver Blume wants to benefit primarily from the increasing number of rich people, but also earn on the swivel to pure electric cars. For this purpose, the company in some areas also goes separate paths from Wolfsburg's group mother Volkswagen: The software for its own electric cars is to be created on its own due to delays in the VW software subsidiary Cariad.

Immobilier : les ventes d’appartements au plus haut en grande couronne parisienne © Getty / Mint Images Immobilier: sales of apartments at the highest in large Parisian crown The notaries of Grand Paris presented their latest assessment of the 'Immobilier Ile -de -France. Two trends emerge: volumes of sales raised in large crown and a Parisian market in the beautiful.

shunned during the health crisis, the apartments have become fashionable again. The notaries of Greater Paris observe a record activity on the volumes of sales of apartments in Ile-de-France, with 33,640 transactions in the last quarter, an increase of 2% over one year. A figure that reflects a recent and astonishing phenomenon: the dynamism of the apartment market in large crown (Essonne, Yvelines, Seine-et-Marne, Val d'Oise). "Sales volumes are particularly high in the Yvelines and Essonne, but also throughout the large crown, notaries note. Until now, families have rather left in the big suburbs to settle in a house, but the trend is perhaps changing. "

VW share: Volkswagen earns more than expected - possible sales in Russia

 VW share: Volkswagen earns more than expected - possible sales in Russia Volkswagen surprisingly implemented more in the second quarter despite the significantly declining car sales and continuing delivery bottlenecks. © provided by Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images due to loads from raw material protection transactions, the profit fell, but the Wolfsburger DAX group earned significantly more than analysts. VW confirmed the sales and profit view for the year as a whole. As the twelve brand group announced, sales rose 3.3 percent to 69.54 billion euros in the

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In large crown, the number of apartments in apartments in the second quarter 2022 is 36% higher in the second average quarter of the last 10 years. This attraction is felt on prices since the average rates have increased by 4.1 % over a year in large crown, for an average price per square meter which amounts to 3,450 euros.

Conversely, the house market seems to mark the step in Ile-de-France. The volume of sales has in Effective effect of 12% over a year. A significant drop which would be explained mainly by the lack of goods available, but also by a market which finds usual levels of activities, after an exceptional upturn linked to the health crisis. If the number of house transactions E St in decrease, the market remains tense and it is felt on prices. The average price of a pavilion amounts to the Paris region at 361,000 euros, an increase of 5.4% over a year.

School buses: Towards a shortage of drivers at the start of the school year

 School buses: Towards a shortage of drivers at the start of the school year © Jean-Francois Monier / AFP A mom helps put her daughter in a yellow school pickup in Pruillé-le-Chetif near Le Mans, September 2, 2008 . to one month from the start of the school year, the National Federation of Travelers Transport (FNTV) alert that around 8,000 school bus drivers in France could miss the call in September. Consequence: many students will know the worst difficulties in going to school. The concern takes a little more thickness over the summer.

The “insolent” success of the Parisian market

The Parisian market displays an “insolent form” according to the formula of Marc Friedrich, notary in Paris. The volume of sales increased by 9% over a year in the capital. More than 40,000 dwellings were sold in Paris in the second quarter of 2022, which had not happened for 20 years. The slight prices erosion (10,590 euros per square meter on average for an old apartment in the second quarter of 2022, down 0.8% over one year) could partly explain the dynamism of the market in the capital.

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but the return of non -resident foreign buyers, after two years of pandemic, has also largely contributed to reboosing the Paris market. Favored by a particularly strong dollar, transactions made by foreigners now represent 8.9% of sales in the capital, close to the 2015 record (9.5%). The majority of these sales were made in the center of Paris, including 20% ​​in the very chic seventh arrondissement. "Non -resident foreigners are mainly interested in the luxury real estate market," said Thierry Delesalle, a notary in Paris. The only downside: the spectacular progression of sales volumes could cause notaries to increase prices in the capital but also in the Paris region.

Immobilier: Boost its performance with Crowdfunding .
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