Classics: "It's a cheesy": TPMP columnists unzip a Malibu alert star!

ENORA Malagré "very cuckold": the revelations of the former columnist of "TPMP"!

 ENORA Malagré on this Wednesday, July 20, Enora Malagré, ex-chronique of "TPMP", celebrates its 42 years.

It is on the TPMP plateau that the TPMP columnists have diszantled the international star David Hasselhoff.

C’est sur le plateau de TPMP que les chroniqueurs de TPMP ont dézingué la star internationale David Hasselhoff. © Capture Screen - C8 It is on the TPMP plateau that the TPMP columnists have unzipped the international star David Hasselhoff.

While the program of TPMP started this Wednesday, September 7, was during the flop of the audiences which returned to that of the program Mask Singer , which only made 2.8 million viewers on TF1, that host Cyril Hanouna and all his team his income on the identity of the international star of the evening. Present under the costume of the golden cobra, the 70 -year -old actor, David Hasselhoff and the former interpreter of Mélanie Rinato in Plus belle la vie , Laëtitia Milot, were both unmasked last night in the TF1 program. If the audiences were not in good shape for Mask Singer , the identity of the international star has also aroused the debate on the C8 set.

Deaths at 89 years old from Nichelle Nichols, black heroine of Star Trek

 Deaths at 89 years old from Nichelle Nichols, black heroine of Star Trek © Chelsea Guglielmino The actress Nichols in December 2021 in Los Angeles the African-American actress Nichelle Nichols, known for her pioneer role of high offend The cult Star Trek series, died in the night from Saturday to Sunday at the age of 89, announced its family on Sunday in a statement. "Last night, my mother Nichelle Nichols died of natural causes," said her son Kyle on the actress's official website, "His life has been well experienced and was a model for all of us".

One of the columnists present around the table said that the actor of

alert to Malibu who interpreted the character of Mitch Buchannon, was exceeded. " is a cheesy ," said Gilles Verdez before being supported by the other columnists.

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when you do this show, you are not going to win an Oscar at the end of the year ", supported Guillaume Genton in order to highlight the lack of project of the American actor.

Baba defended his columnists by saying that David Hasselhoff no longer received a lot of scenarios. He also revealed that the American star had agreed to come to the TF1 game against a cachet of around 300,000 euros. "

He took a flop, he should take his buoy and return to the beach ," said Baba once the pub cutout is completed.

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