Classics: Archeology: Zéphyr, 145 million years, the new auction at the Drouot Hotel

Search in progress at the Paris City Hall in the triangle Tour

 Search in progress at the Paris City Hall in the triangle Tour © Yann Castanier / Ouest-France A Sequisition has been in progress since Wednesday July 20 at the Paris City Hall in the file of The triangle tower. Illustration photo. A search has been carried out since Wednesday, July 20 in the morning at the Paris City Hall in the very controversial triangle Tour file, according to the entourage of Mayor Anne Hidalgo and a near source.

C'est un fossile exceptionnel qui s'expose à Paris. Dans la galerie Giquello à Paris, le dinosaure Zéphyr s'apprête à trouver une nouvelle famille. Le squelette de 145 millions d'années, retrouvé aux États-Unis, est estimé à près de 500.000 euros. Les enchères auront lieu en octobre prochain. © Bertrand Guay / AFP is an exceptional fossil that is exposed to Paris. In the Giquello gallery in Paris, the Zéphyr dinosaur is about to find a new family. The 145 million year old skeleton, found in the United States, is estimated at nearly 500,000 euros. The auctions will take place next October.

does not invent. It was near a city in the United States called Dinosaur, that the fossil called Zéphyr revised daylight. The 145 million year old beast belonging to the Iguanodons family is now in Paris, in the Giquello gallery, where he is expecting a new family.

An exceptional skeleton for Maitre Giquello, the auctioneer in charge of his sale which will take place at the Drouot hotel on October 20: "It will be more and more complicated to find big specimens. So today, we have to Concentrate on this material always, while keeping the hope of finding a tyrannosaurus, "he explains.

Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci ... Here is the auction of summer not to be missed

 Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci ... Here is the auction of summer not to be missed Vintage fan? You will have to go this Thursday, July 21 in Monaco, more precisely at the Hermitage hotel where an exceptional auction is looming. Louis Vuitton , Dior , Gucci … Maison Artcurial Y highlights all the know-how of the biggest fashion houses through nearly 100 unpublished lots. On the program: a plethora of lusts of lust , like iconic bags such as the Birkin, Constance or Kelly models of Hermès but also collector's declination of the Timeless of Chanel .

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if it is not the size of the famous famous T. Rex with its 3 (small) meters long, Zéphyr, standing on its rear legs, seems ready to jump in the gallery. "We look at if the kids are afraid. It is a big test to see if we have chosen the position," laughs Iacopo Briano, expert in paleontology. "Huge puzzle"

armed with patience, it rises and dismantles the bones of Zéphyr. "It's a nightmare, I always get angry and I always break something," jokes the expert. "It is a huge puzzle and the most difficult is to remove dust," he adds.

In a few weeks, the dinosaur will have found a host family. Estimated at 500,000 euros, Zéphyr will undoubtedly rest in a luxurious living room. The dinosaur will thus be able to continue to make old bones to the delight of its future owners.

The auctions will start on October 20 in Paris .

Hotel Adlon in Berlin is given a boss .
The traditional Hotel Adlon at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin will be headed for the first time by a director from mid -October. Then, according to Monday, Karina Ansos takes over the management of Michael Sorgenfrey's house, which goes to a sabbatical. Sorcerer Frey was at the head of the house for three years. Ansos said she was happy to continue the history of Adlon together with the team. © Christoph Soeder/dpa The Hotel Adlon.

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