Classics: mercury murder? Mysterious legends around Johannes Kepler

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Modern Forensic Methods can enlighten a centuries -old murder - or also a falsely suspect. Just like Johannes Kepler, one of the greatest astronomers in humanity.

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Before Kepler gains world fame, he works as an assistant to the Danish mathematician Tycho Brahe . On October 13, 1601, this is about a groundbreaking, world -changing publication. But on the same day he collapses on the festival board of the Emperor Rudolph II - on October 24th he was dead.

According to legend, his bladder burst. BRAHE drank too much wine and did not see the abort to the emperor present to the emperor present. The contemporaries of Brahes find a strange theory. You are looking for - and finding - another theory: The ambitious assistant poisoned his teacher.

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became Martin Luther King the victim of an FBI conspiracy?

murdered Johannes Kepler his master?

Johannes Kepler would have three motifs: three astronomical laws, according to which the planets move and the Kepler published in a global exploration shortly after the death of his master. These laws have shaped astronomy and still bear the name of Kepler. Otherwise, eternal fame would have fallen Tycho Brahe .

No wonder that the murder theory has been haunted by history since the 17th century. The theory seems to be confirmed in the 1990s: Scientists examine some hair of the dead-and fatally discover high concentrations of mercury . It is conceivable that the astronomer came into contact with his experiments with mercury. But then it should have caught Kepler too.

But he still lived 29 years - without corresponding complaints. was Kepler really Brahe's murderer? A research team wants to know exactly in 2012 and relieves Kepler: Another autopsy finds mercury in the tissue - but the quantities are too low to be fatal.

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