Enthusiasts: Marseille. Water in the fuel of ESSO stations, dozens of broken down motorists

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De nombreux automobilistes sont tombés en panne après avoir fait le plein dans des stations-service Esso de Marseille cette semaine. Photo d’illustration. © Pixabay / Iade-Michoko many motorists broke out after refueling in Esso service stations in Marseille this week. Illustration photo.

After refueling in Esso service stations in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône), around forty motorists have broken down since Monday, September 12. Water would have infiltrated fuel. The company would reflect on a compensation system.

Forty motorists have broken down after having been full of gas in Esso de Marseille stations (Bouches-du-Rhône) since Monday September 12, 2022, reports BFM Marseille Provence . On social networks, testimonies have multiplied and several hypotheses are advanced.

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"I went to make my full of essence as I usually do at Esso in Valentine […] when I got home, I broke down, in the middle of the road" , a driver confided to BFM Marseille Provence.

The Esso

response If some users have mentioned the possibility of an exchange between the diesel and Sans-Plomb 95 tanks, the truth would be elsewhere. "The garage tells me that my tank is full of water and that it damaged my lighting candles and maybe even my engine" , testified a user on the Facebook group "I live in Marseille 11 and 12th arrondissement ”.

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contacted by BFM Marseille Provence, the ESSO company conducted the survey. According to her, water has infiltrated the fuel transported by the delivery trucks during a load made Monday morning near its refinery in Fos-sur-Mer.

In total, 14 service stations are affected by this problem, according to the company estimates and the fuel pistols concerned were closed by Esso. After receiving around forty complaints, the petroleum company indicated working on a compensation system if it turns out that the fuel is the source of these series failures.

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