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France 2: Laurent Luyat forced to abandon the Tour de France for "health concerns"

 France 2: Laurent Luyat forced to abandon the Tour de France for The animator of bicycle club announced on social networks that he could not continue the presentation of the program for Last stages of the Tour, following health problems. © FR2 The Bike Club animator announced on social networks that he could not continue to present the program for the last stages of the Tour, following health problems. Bad news for lovers of Vélo Club and the Tour de France.

Le roi Charles III se rendra à Cardiff ce vendredi, avant de retourner à Londres, où il est attendu près du cercueil de sa mère dans la soirée. Reuters/Danny Lawson © Pool King Charles III will go to Cardiff this Friday, before returning to London, where he is expected near the coffin of his mother in the evening. Reuters/Danny Lawson He assumes his role. After having chained tributes and official commitments since the death of the Queen, on September 8 at the Scottish Château de Balmoral at the age of 96, Charles III had withdrew on Thursday in his Highgrove campaign for a daytime. But no question of rest, said his services: the "resistant" king continued to work. And, above all, the new sovereign begins this Friday the last stage of his tour through the United Kingdom , three days before the funeral of his mother Elizabeth II . He hit the road for Cardiff, where he will participate, with the Queen Consort Camilla, in a religious service and then in reception with local political representatives. But, to complete a tour that took him to all the parliaments of the constitutive nations of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales), the one who was prince of his nine years at the Last week does not quite happen in conquered terrain. A Protestant petition against the transmission of title - for some a symbol of English oppression - to the new heir to the William throne rather than a Welshman has collected more than 25,000 signatures. An anti-monarchy demonstration is planned in front of the Cardiff castle. Political and family challenges between these protests, the inclinations of independence of Scotland, community tensions in Northern Ireland but also the republican temptations emerging in some of its 14 other kingdoms, the challenges are considerable for Charles III at the time when He succeeds his mother. His first steps as a king were rather deemed worthy , with the exception of a few very commented public gestures on the Internet. It remains to be seen how the monarch - who did not hesitate to engage in favor of the environment or even to discreetly transmit his opinions to the government on a whole series of subjects - will enter into the costume of his mother, who, imperturbable to the Thread of the crises and upheavals of history, had kept an impeccable neutrality and a sense of duty to foolproof, until its last days. VIDEO. " I hate that ! ": When King Charles III is annoyed because of a fled pen she knew, on the other hand, touching her subjects by comforting them in difficult times: still princess during the Second World War, when Diana's death had made Saccillating the monarchy or at the end of their life when the British found themselves confined. The one who is often described, at 73, as a transitional king preceding the popular William but also as a modernizer anxious to reduce the wing of a plethoric monarchy, will have to manage family crises. His brother Andrew was banched by royalty due to a sex scandal and his son Harry, who celebrated his 38th birthday on Thursday, is exiled in California with his wife Meghan and prepares potentially explosive memories. "Vile of princes" this Friday but the time is still, for the moment, unity. After walking online, behind the Elizabeth II coffin on Wednesday across the center of London, its four children will once again meet in their mourning this Friday evening . Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward will observe a "vigil of the princes" around the coffin of their mother, exhibited to the public since Wednesday evening at the Palais de Westminster. For the occasion, Andrew, however deprived of military titles, was authorized to carry the uniform. For his part, the public will be able to parade until the early hours of the morning on Monday. Then it will be the end of Elizabeth II's last trip. Monday, his coffin will be swept away at Westminster Abbey for state funerals (the first since the death of Winston Churchill in 1965), in front of 2,000 guests, foreign heads of state, worldly worldly, anonymous decorated, decorated For their associative commitment. After a final procession, she will be buried in the Saint-Georges chapel of her beloved castle of Windsor, with her father George VI and her husband Philip. Millions of people are expected in London for the funeral of the century , carefully prepared for 20 years, immense security and logistical challenge. The United Kingdom will stop for this holiday, before finding, after a parenthesis of collective sadness of 12 days, the reality of the serious economic and social crisis that strikes it.

Layouts in view among the staff of King Charles III .
GB-ROOSE-REINE-EMPLOI: Freights in sight among the staff of King Charles III © Reuters/Pool The King Charles III greets the crowd while his vehicle Cross the center of London London (Reuters) - servants in the service of King Charles III when he was still only a presumptive heir to the British throne were informed that they could lose their jobs, a measure badly greeted by The PCS, a union which defends the interests of employees of government services Charles III, which officially succeeded it

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