Enthusiasts: Buy, rent or both to build up a real estate heritage

VW Gross shareholder: Porsche SE confirms profit forecast

 VW Gross shareholder: Porsche SE confirms profit forecast © provided by Handelsblatt The family holding remains highly profitable. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = The holding of the Porsche families and Piëch benefits from the winnings at Volkswagen. The VW major shareholder keeps covered with the Porsche IPra. Volkswagen-main owner Porsche SE believes that both a decline and a significant increase in profit this year are possible because of the uncertainty through the war in Ukraine.

  Acheter, louer ou les deux pour se constituer un patrimoine immobilier © Copyright 2022, L'Obs

fourteen years: this is the average time that it takes, in France, for the purchase of the main residence to become More profitable than rental according to the latest study "Buy or rent?" (its main residence) »from the Bestaux group. This statistic will probably relaunch the eternal debate between the supporters of the purchase who consider that paying rent amounts to throwing the money by the windows, and the rental enthusiasts underline the significant cost of the acquisition and its profitability to long term.

There is, however, a third way to get out of the alternative "Buy or rent". It's simply a question of renting and buying, at the same time. By remaining a tenant of your main residence, you save significant on your housing budget. Your rent will be significantly lower, between 1.5 and 2 times less depending on the cities, compared to the monthly payment you pay if you buy a property of an equivalent surface. It is therefore an additional savings capacity, which you will be able to use to make a credit acquisition.

Mission Heritage: Joy and relief for the owners of the hundred selected

 Mission Heritage: Joy and relief for the owners of the hundred selected buildings which has become an institution in just a few years, the heritage lottery is often a breath of oxygen for the owners of the selected buildings. The financial aid and the exhibition offered by Stéphane Bern's mission allow you to save the monuments of decrepitude. © supplied by Franceinfo On August 29, Stéphane Bern unveiled with the Minister of Cote Rima Abdul-Malak , The hundred new departmental sites selected to benefit from the Loto du Patrimoine 2022.

Investing in real estate while remaining tenant, an

acclaimed formula by renting your property, you can serenely consider keeping it in the long term, especially since the rents perceived will be added to your savings capacity To repay your monthly payments. By remaining tenant, you stay free. Free to move to the provinces or at the other end of the world in the event of a professional opportunity, or free to change for larger accommodation if your income increases, if you put yourself as a couple or have children.

But by making a rental investment alongside, you benefit from the qualities of real estate investment (profitability, solidity, utility), credit lever (rents partially reimburse your loan) and still attractive rate. Yes, real estate on credit is an essential tool for heritage construction. But the choice between main residence and/or rental investment depends on each. End of the debate.

How to Buy a Used Car

  How to Buy a Used Car Our tips and expert picks will help you find a reliable pre-owned vehicle at a price you can affordBy Benjamin PrestonUsed-car prices have soared this year, and according to market analysts, they ’re likely to remain high for a while. The reasons are complicated. In short, a global microchip shortage has meant that automakers can’t build new cars fast enough to meet demand. Fewer new cars for sale has increased demand for used cars, pushing prices up more than 40 percent above normal levels this past summer.

Stefan de Quelen

• Fiorentino's eye: double inflation

First, the European Central Bank (ECB) did not see inflation coming. Then she only saw temporary inflation. Finally, she admitted that she was durable. And now it fears that it is rampant ... with three times late , therefore, the ECB has decided to set up its interest rates from 0.75 points to 1.25%. The goal? Make access to money cheaply, to bring commercial banks to increase interest rates for household and businesses, which will slow down credit and therefore the price increase.

"We withdraw the same sum each week and we see what we have left": at Creusot, life under inflation

is the second time that the ECB has increased its rates in a few weeks after a decade of decline. But this turning point remains very shy: the objective of the central bank is to contain inflation below 2%. However, it was not until it exceeded 9% for the ECB to react. To this apathy, two explanations:

Immobilier: Boost its performance with Crowdfunding

 Immobilier: Boost its performance with Crowdfunding © Homunity Real estate Crowdunding flexible and accessible, crowdfunding of real estate operations is very attractive. A diversification option that requires some precautions. An gross average rate of return of more than 9% (in 2021), the possibility of investing small amounts (from 100 euros), a relatively simple user manual and a measured risk taking: the Crowdfunding , or crowdfunding, applied to the real estate is enough to make savers dream.

European growth is less vigorous than that of the United States; And the ECB does not want to break this dynamic. Except that the latter already has lead in the wing ... The price increase in Europe is mainly explained by the outbreak of energy prices.

It is therefore a question of facing a problem of supply and not of demand: a sudden increase in interest rates would not lower the gas courses, pleads the European silge. Not false. But it is also necessary to take into account the effects of easy money at negative rate spilled for a decade. This influx of liquidity has fueled high demand, especially at the end of the COVID crisis. This overheating also explains the rise in prices. As if Europe should face double inflation.

Marc Fiorentino

• The figure: 10.1%

is the inflation rate in Great Britain. The country is confronted with a major economic crisis . All economic indicators have largely turned red. The sanction on the Sterling book is severe: it has reached its lowest level against the dollar for thirty-seven years. God Save Great Britain.

The prices of old real estate net in the third quarter of 2022 .
© Mathieu Pattier / Archives Ouest France The prices of old real estate climb. Illustration photo. According to the notary-in-law index, old real estate prices are up 6.4% compared to last year in the third quarter of 2022. The increase is even stronger for houses. The prices of the old real estate increased by 6.4 % over a year in the third quarter, the increase continuing its slight slowdown, according to the reference notary index of reference published Thursday. Read also: Card.

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