Enthusiasts: VW Gen.Travel: Do you will soon have short-haul flights.

Car rental costs are soaring. Here are tips to help you save.

  Car rental costs are soaring. Here are tips to help you save. Renting car is a whole lot pricier now than before the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are ways to save money.While airfare and lodging prices are certainly near all-time highs, rental cars are among the biggest price increases of all travel expenses. When comparing prices for July 2022 versus July 2019 (the last normal summer pre-pandemic), hotel prices are up 7% , according to the latest set of Consumer Price Index data released in August 2022. Airfares are up 16%. But rental cars are up a whopping 48%.

An electric car that brings its occupants driverlessly from A to B - this is still a future music. VW is now unpacking the topic with a new design study in an innovative way. With the Gen.Travel, the company has thought about how typical short-haul flights can be avoided thanks to the autonomous e-car offer. (Read also: Which electric car has the greatest range? )

  VW Gen.Travel: Ersetzen fahrerlose E-Autos bald Kurzstreckenflüge? © Volkswagen AG

The interior of the vehicle should be modular in order to be able to adapt ideally to the needs of the passengers. An example: from the seating for 4 people, an overnight stay for two can be created in just a few simple steps. An entertainment offer thanks to various augmented reality games should also enjoy children, while a large table in the middle ensures that people can work relaxed while driving.

pilot strike ensures doldrums of Lufthansa hubs

 pilot strike ensures doldrums of Lufthansa hubs The pilots of Lufthansa stepped into a full-day strike on Friday. As a spokesman for the Union Association Cockpit said on Friday morning, the strike started as planned. Lufthansa had already deleted almost the complete program on the turnstile Munich and Frankfurt on Thursday. Around 130,000 passengers of more than 800 flights are affected, which fail at the Frankfurt and Munich hub.

& Autos_GEN.TRAVEL_Innenraum © Volkswagen AG Autos_gen.travel_inn room VW wants to draw important learning from the design study

at the Gen.Travel is only a design study. In this form, the vehicle will not be seen on the street, but should only serve to test the concept for feasibility and to obtain important customer feedback. In this way, it can be determined which features are really well received by potential passengers. The most important findings then flow into the future development of new series cars. (Also interesting: these are the most important control lights in the car and that has to be done in an emergency )

Klaus Zyciora, Head of Volkswagen Group Design, explains: "The Gen.Travel is an outlook on the travels of the future. It shows We, what autonomous driving can look like in the future. The Gen.Travel embodies the visionary design of the day after tomorrow for the mobility of tomorrow. The efficient shape shapes the extremely distinctive design. Possibilities 'form follows freedom'. The automobile not only gets better, but also more exciting than ever before. " (Do you already know? This super yacht from Lamborghini can now be found here in the water)

The 6 Best Strollers for Every Need (and Budget)

  The 6 Best Strollers for Every Need (and Budget) When it comes to gearing up for a newborn, there’s no shortage of stuff that people insist you’re going to need. But to be honest, you could probably do without more than half of those things. (Skip the wipes warmer—trust us on this one.) There is one item, however, that you’re definitely going to want: a stroller. It’s one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make, and with so many options, it’s also one of the most confusing. That’s why we talked to parents, tested strollers firsthand and tapped the experts at Buy Buy Baby to uncover the top picks for your every need. Here, the best strollers.

& VW is also testing Mobility “As a Service”

. This idea is not new, if you look at the numerous offers for Ecooter, Roller and Carsharing in our cities. In the future, however, this idea could be continued, so that private individuals hardly own their own vehicles, but only use one thing if they really need it. "Volkswagen defines the mobility for upcoming generations with his New Auto strategy - sustainable and digital," says Dr. Nikolai Ardey, Head of Volkswagen Group Innovation. "In the group-wide Volkswagen innovation research, we continue to drive this idea forward and show how our customers can experience mobility in the future-for example as a service." (Speaking of: drone taxi: Volkswagen introduces the first passenger drone)


pilot strike at Lufthansa: 18 percent are not enough .
The whole Friday is strike. Pilots from Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cargo want more money and a new remuneration structure. © Photo: dpa A strike-ready Lufthansa pilot wears a button on the uniform at a rally by the Pilot Union Association Cockpit. months of negotiations have failed, and after the pilot union cockpit (VC) had already voted on a strike at the end of July, the time has come. Lufthansa will be strike on Friday.

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