Enthusiasts: Johnny Hallyday: This precious treasure found in the pocket of his jacket intended for a museum ... An invaluable memory that he had forgotten

“Heroes in the Children's Room” in the German Burgen Museum

 “Heroes in the Children's Room” in the German Burgen Museum in the German Burgen Museum on the Veste Heldburg (Hildburghausen district) is the special exhibition “Heroes in the Nursery. The medieval world of elastoline »was opened. The collector of the figures from the material Elastolin, Peter Müller, led the visitors through the show on the opening afternoon, as a spokeswoman for the museum said.

It is by sorting in the costumes and clothes intended for the next immersive installation, "Johnny Hallyday, the exhibition ", that Laeticia Hallyday found an object with high value ...

Johnny Hallyday : ce précieux trésor retrouvé dans la poche de sa veste destinée à un musée… Un souvenir inestimable qu’il avait oublié. © Bestimage Johnny Hallyday: this precious treasure found in the pocket of his jacket intended for a museum ... an invaluable memory that he had forgotten.

on December 5, 2022 will mark the fifth anniversary of the death of Johnny Hallyday . The rocker died at the age of 74 in his house in Marne-la-Coquette. Since then, fans and his family have perpetuated his memory. Laeticia Hallyday notably worked that Johnny Hallyday, the exhibition, was born in order to " continue to bring her memory and her work to life". First presented in Brussels from December 20 to June 15, 2023, the retrospective will arrive in Paris in 2024. This Sunday, September 25, in the columns of the newspaper Le Parisien, Laetitia Hallyday reports a singular anecdote identified by Gala . It took place as she sorted in the business to be exhibited: " Johnny put full time in her jacket pockets, lighters, drugs, combs, business cards ... The week Last, when I selected the clothes, in Los Angeles, I had an emotion by opening this Hearts Chrome. I found in the interior pocket a photo of Jade (their eldest daughter, editor's note) at 3 years old. He had kept her on him, I didn't know, nor Jade. When I told my daughter, in tears, she asked me to leave her in ”. A treasure with sentimental value which aroused emotion and nostalgia.

controversy at the Museum of Brittany. A new expert withs "his surety"

 controversy at the Museum of Brittany. A new expert withs © DR The "Celtic? Is open, at the Museum of Brittany, in Rennes, until December 4, 2022. Professor at the University of Rennes-2, specialist in the history of the Breton language, Hervé Le Bihan Pointe des Gas Gas, Approximations in The exhibition of the Brittany Museum.

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of career decades

The installation that Johnny Hallyday, the exhibition highlights archives, A prestigious collection of stage costumes as well as many guitars. It also has the exact reproduction of the Taulier adolescent bedroom. This room was located at his aunt's house, at 13 rue de la Tour des Dames in Paris. Laeticia Hallyday told the AFP about this event, that it is " an travel in the whole history of its life ", a way of " to revive " Johnny Hallyday. The one who shared the life of the rocker for 20 years adds: "I am a bit of the memory of Johnny […] I bring my memories, I try to transcribe exactly things as they have happened ».

In the show Let yourself be tempted, on RTL, this Sunday, September 25, Laeticia Hallyday says: "Since 1995, I have kept all its costumes. Those before, I had to buy them with the help of fans and his dresses ”. The number of stage outfits is such that Laeticia Hallyday had to develop a space in their Ile -de -France home: "

on the top floor of our house, I made a museum with the costumes of Johnny ".

In Tours, the devouring passion of Francois Boucher for the theater and the opera exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts .
known to be the Gratitid Painter of Louis XV, François Boucher also put his talent at the service of the scene on the scene . The Museum of Fine Arts in Tours has brought together around sixty works that testify to its craze for the performing arts. This is one of the major painters of the 18th century. The most prolific too. François Boucher approached all styles, from religious painting to pastoral scenes, including the decoration of private houses and monuments.

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