Enthusiasts: The German industries attempted by a leak in the southern United States

Panasonic will create a second electric battery factory in the United States

 Panasonic will create a second electric battery factory in the United States © Pxhere Panasonic will create a second electric battery factory in the United States Panasonic wants to invest $ 4 billion for a second lithium-ion battery factory in the USA. Japanese Panasonic , important partner and Battery Supplier of the manufacturer Tesla in particular, announced this Thursday, July 14, plan to invest about $ 4 billion to build in the Kansas its second Lithium-ion battery factory For electric vehicles in the United States .

Des avions de la compagnie aérienne allemande Lufthansa. © AFP of the German airline planes Lufthansa.

With the war in Ukraine and the flight price, more and more German industrialists plan to relocate part of their production. The United States hopes to take advantage of part of these investments and actively approaches in Germany, looking for disillusioned industrialists ready to cross the Atlantic.

With our correspondent in Berlin, Nathalie Versieux

of the costs particularly low for energy and wages to be paid by 40% lower than in California ... The governor of Oklahoma, a state of southern states- United, lists one after the other the advantages of its region for investors in an interview with the German daily business Le Handelsblatt. 60 German companies including Lufthansa, Aldi, Fresenius and Siemens have already made their calculations to plant their tent in Oklahoma. The key, $ 300 million in the region.

and the movement could increase with the energy crisis linked to the invasion of Ukraine. "Germany risks losing entire sections of its industry," worries the Ministry of the Economy, citing the glass industry, chemistry, cement or steel, energy -consuming branches for whom production does not would soon be more profitable in Germany, and which could yield to the charming offensive in the southern United States. For German employers' federations, hundreds of thousands of jobs would be threatened, if Berlin does not cap the price of gas and electricity as quickly as possible.

Study: German car market continues to normalize .
increasing production figures and the behavioral demand lead to a gradual normalization of the German car market in favor of the customers. © Hendrik Schmidt/DPA central picture/e.g. The German car market normalizes. "The time of the long delivery times and offer bottlenecks is slowly coming to an end," sums up the Duisburg Center Automotive Research (Car) in its market study for November. After many months, customers could choose more with a narrow offer and hope for discounts.

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