Enthusiasts: Rennes. The Brittany Museum wants to acquire unpublished photos of the Dreyfus

Trans Musicales in Rennes. The first names of the next edition unveiled

 Trans Musicales in Rennes. The first names of the next edition unveiled © Dr Zaho de Sagazan. It is Zaho de Sagazan who will be at the Théâtre de l'Aire Libre for the creation of the 44th edition of Trans Musicales, which will take place from December 7 to 11, 2022. Zaho de Sagazan , it is a singular voice and Powerful, those that cause large chills. A serious stamp, alternately carried by its piano or by electronic rhythms, at the crossroads of techno and electronica.

Une campagne de financement participatif, à hauteur de 10 000 €, est lancée pour acheter des photos inédites de l’affaire Dreyfus à un collectionneur. © Ouest-France Affair A crowdfunding campaign, up to € 10,000, is launched to buy unprecedented photos of the Dreyfus affair from a collector.

The establishment is launching a crowdfunding campaign, up to € 10,000, to buy photos from a collector. They will be scanned on the museum website and will be available to everyone.

Between 1894 and 1899, the Dreyfus affair made the headlines and divided France into two camps that tear. It was at Rennes that the Revision trial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus took place during the summer of 1899.

The Museum of Brittany retains important collections and presents a permanent exhibition around the case. In order to enrich this collection, he wishes today to acquire two completely unpublished sets of photographs. For this, he launched a crowdfunding campaign on KisskissBankBank and launched a call to contribution.

Brittany. Who will dare to cross a zombie territory at night?

 Brittany. Who will dare to cross a zombie territory at night? © Christophe Simonato cold sweat as a heat wave? On October 31, 2022, Orgères south of Rennes, will organize a night race in Zombie country ... cross, on foot and night, an infested territory of hundreds zombies: this is the deliciously frightening principle of Keskon will be held near Rennes, in Orgères (Ille-et-Vilaine) for Halloween. Registrations are open. They are charming but they have planned to glue a bloom with six hundred people.

The first set shows the return of Captain Dreyfus from the Ile du Diable, aboard the cruiser Le Sfax, in June 1899. On June 3, 1899 the judgment pronounced in 1894 which condemned Captain Alfred Dreyfus for betrayal is canceled by the courtyard of cassation. The case is referred to the Rennes War Council. Alfred Dreyfus must be taken from the Devil Island, off Kourou in Guyana for over four years.

"of great rarity"

The boat left the island of the devil on June 9, 1899 and arrived in view of the Breton coasts 20 days later, Dreyfus arrived in Quiberon on the night of June 30 to July 1, 1899, the trip Then continues to Rennes where Dreyfus is imprisoned in military prison pending the revision of the trial.

"These images aboard the Sfax are very rarity, details the Museum of Brittany. All are legendary and dated in pencil; The photograph which shows Alfred Dreyfus upboard on the ship is particularly moving, the captain imprisoned for almost five years, nevertheless performs military salvation on his arrival.

“Heroes in the Children's Room” in the German Burgen Museum

 “Heroes in the Children's Room” in the German Burgen Museum in the German Burgen Museum on the Veste Heldburg (Hildburghausen district) is the special exhibition “Heroes in the Nursery. The medieval world of elastoline »was opened. The collector of the figures from the material Elastolin, Peter Müller, led the visitors through the show on the opening afternoon, as a spokeswoman for the museum said.

available to all

The second set is an album bringing together 78 photographs of the revision trial which took place in Rennes. They are mainly dated and legendary: the author, anonymous, is a member of the team of stenographers and is present throughout the trial. "The written mentions are meticulous and provides essential documentary information which makes it possible to identify a large number of people.

As soon as they digitize, these photographs will be published on the Portal of the Collections of the Museum of Brittany. Being part of the public domain, they will be available to everyone. Out of € 10,000, to date, € 1,739 have been collected. There are 42 days left.

Four exceptional Gallic statuettes acquired by the Brittany Museum in Rennes .
© Ouest-France The Gallic furniture is visible until December 4, 2022, at the Museum of Brittany. Four busts and a bucket dated between the 2nd and the 1st century BC have just been bought by the Museum of Brittany in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine). Exceptional works, discovered during archaeological excavations in Trémuson (Côtes-d'Armor), visible at the museum until Sunday December 4, 2022.

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