Enthusiasts: Linke criticizes Lower Saxony State Government

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The Lower Saxony Left has criticized the red-green state government-and described the coalition agreement between the SPD and Greens as a "wish-dir-Was catalog". It is doubted that the new state government will implement what it promises, the left said after its state party conference in Oldenburg on Sunday. The left also parts the criticism of unions and associations, according to which the contract remains back at many points behind the requirements for climate protection, better health care, good education and relief for people.

DIE LINKE had missed moving into the state parliament a month ago. The left election result of 2.7 percent described the left as "disappointing". The party led an united and combative election campaign. The left will now work with its mandates in the local parliaments and on the street for a fair Lower Saxony. The 100 delegates unanimously decided on the urgency application "We are the social opposition".

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