Enthusiasts: Mallorca: The best hiking trails of the new La-Trapa route

Questions and Answers about the Germany Tour: Dates, route, TV

 Questions and Answers about the Germany Tour: Dates, route, TV Start in Weimar, destination in Stuttgart © Imago/Zuma Wire Nils Politt goes into the race as a defending champion on the Germany Tour. dates and route The start of the Germany Tour takes place on August 24 with a prologue over 2.7 kilometers. In the following five days it goes via Meiningen, Marburg and Freiburg to Stuttgart, where Nils Politt's winner and successor will be crowned on Sunday. A total of 710 kilometers with more than 11,000 meters of altitude must be mastered.

A breathtaking view like from a box on the small island of Sa Dragonera, which rises 360 meters from the endless blue of the Mediterranean. From now on, Mallorca vacationers can marvel at the Balearic Island from a whole new spot.

Die „La-Trapa-Route“ bietet als neue Teilstrecke des Fernwanderwegs G221 eine neue Wanderstrecke auf Mallorca. (Symbolbild) © Picture Alliance/dpa/Fundación Calvià The "La-Trapa route" offers a new hiking route in Mallorca as a new section of the G221 long-distance hiking trail. (Symbol image)

Mallorca is much more than just a party location for party-loving Ballermann tourists. With numerous hiking trails and fascinating views, the largest island of Spain offers a whole range of exciting routes. With the newly signposted "La-Trapa route" hikers now have one more option to admire the island from its most beautiful side.

New Tourism Concept for Bergische: Overath should market attractions more than the

 New Tourism Concept for Bergische: Overath should market attractions more than the The "Berg.Konzept 3.0" should give tourism even more upswing in the Bergisches Land, take advantage of tourist potential and extend the offers. © Guido Wagner The Lölsberger Steg in Overath is easy to hike. in the overather committee for future, environment, mobility and tourism, Tobias Kelter, managing director of "Das Bergische", presented cornerstones of the new concept and also referred to the tourist attractions in Overath.

"La Trapa" as a newly accessible attraction of a long -distance hiking trail on Mallorca

as part of the long -distance hiking trail G221, the new hiking trail runs as a section between SES Basses and the former Trapist monastery La Trapa, on which the new signs now offer. The 3.5 kilometer route, which was previously only suitable for day-care knowledge, good map or GPS tracker, is now officially part of the GR 221 and belongs to the stage 1.

at La Trapa I am around 80 hectares Large estate, which extends from the Puig de la Trapa at a height of almost 500 meters down to the sea. As a result, it gives the hikers a breathtaking view of the distance.

But not only the view is worth climbing the new route. In the middle of the Tramuntana Mountains, Mallorca can also inspire with historical eye-catchers on the way. Lined with Mediterranean vegetation, old fincas and daring rocky promotions, the old walls of the former trappist monastery can be admired.

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La Trapa is in private hands, but can be visited. Everywhere, numerous information boards provide information about the history of the trappy monastery and the surrounding fauna and flora. The monks from Normandy once lived here, who found a refuge in the mountains in 1810. The extensive property has been managed elaborately and still old grain fields can be found there.

Today the GOB (Group for Ornithology and the Defense of Nature) takes care of the reconstruction and protection of the extensive property. Later this place is to become a refuge for nature lovers, ornithologists or astronomers.

hike in Mallorca: popular routes

Most hikers come to Mallorca in autumn and spring. In addition to the extended long-distance hiking trail through the "La-Trapa route", there are numerous other offers for hiking lovers to be able to marvel at the huge nature of Mallorca. Some of the most popular routes are as follows:

Airports Hannover and Bremen from the pilot strike spared

 Airports Hannover and Bremen from the pilot strike spared on the second day of the pilot strike at the airline Eurowings, the holiday pilots from Hanover and Bremen are spared for the time being. "It looks good again," said an airport spokeswoman from Hanover on Tuesday morning. Two of the three planned departures to Palma de Mallorca were already realized in the morning. © Julia Cebella/dpa/symbol image A passenger machine starts from an airport.

Nature Park Llevant : The hike impresses with the lonely coastal mountains in the northeast of the island, which mainly captivates with attractive coastal panoramas. Tossals Verds: The varied round convinces with steep hem paths, great panoramas on rugged thousands and quiet mountain lakes. from Cala Ratjada to Cala Moltó: over a total length of 12.36 kilometers, the hiking trail leads along the coast to Cala Moltò. The 100 meter long bay was declared a special interest from the Balearic parliament to the nature area. Large round around Valldemossa: on old riding paths of the Archduke Ludwig Salvator always open up new coastal and mountain panoramas on this hike around Valldemossa. View of Port de Soller: The route is marked by ancient olive trees up to a panoramic view over the Port de Soller and the lighthouse Cap d'Ros. In the future,

will even be able to circle the entire island on foot. But the designation of the routes is slowly progressing. With the new “La Trapa route”, however, a good opportunity to explore Mallorca from a new perspective. (JS)

Deutsche Bahn: First car removed from the accident site .
The complicated rescue work after the serious freight accident on the railway line between Hanover and Berlin is progressing. "We were able to remove a first car from the accident site and upset another," said a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn (DB) on Sunday. © Moritz Frankenberg/dpa Voluntary employees from the Technical Relief Agency (THW) work at the site near Leiferde. © Philipp Schulze/dpa Two freight trains collided on the night of November 17th.

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