Enthusiasts: metal collective bargaining talks come into the hot phase

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for the approximately 3.9 million employees in the German metal and electrical industry, the collective bargaining negotiations will go into the hot phase on Thursday (2.30 p.m.).

Kommt nun der Durchbruch bei den Metall-Tarifverhandlungen? © Silas Stein/dpa is the breakthrough in the metal tariff negotiations?

at the fifth round of negotiations in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart, IG Metall and employer are heading for an attempt to settle. According to the union, both sides had come closer in the past few days. There are opportunities for a pilot degree in the southwest. In the past, the Baden-Württemberg district had always been a pioneer for collective agreements in the industry.

Total Metal boss Wolf: Coming China Almost impossible

 Total Metal boss Wolf: Coming China Almost impossible The President of the Total Metal Employers' Association, Stefan Wolf, considers it almost impossible to reduce the economic dependence on China at short notice. "This is inconceivable," said Wolf of the German Press Agency. The background is demands to rethink the economic relationships with China because of the Chinese threatening gestures towards Taiwan and report on massive human rights violations.

IG Metall threatens with warning strikes with disagreement

If the negotiations on Thursday fail, the board of IG Metall wants to advise on the further procedure on Friday night. Accordingly, 24-hour warning strikes are possible in all tariff areas and pre-votes with subsequent area strikes in individual regions. "Baden-Württemberg would definitely be there," IG Metall boss Jörg Hofmann had threatened. If no agreement is made on Thursday, the union could not quickly return to the negotiating table. Hundreds of thousands of metallers have already participated in warning strikes throughout Germany since the end of peace at the end of October.

from the Südwestmetall employers' association said in advance that one was interested in a constructive solution and prepared for an attempt to settle. Employers want to negotiate the longest as long as possible for the collective agreement in order to enable the company planning security - so far they had linked a not precisely defined increase in salary tables to a term of 30 months. They also offered 3000 euros as a one -off payment.

Total Metal boss: Employees should help save

 Total Metal boss: Employees should help save The President of the Total Metal employers' association, Stefan Wolf, relies on the accommodation of the employees in the event of a gas deficiency. "I believe that there are many employees who try to save electricity and thus costs and secure their jobs by working from home," said Wolf of the German Press Agency. "I expect that too." © Marijan Murat/dpa Stefan Wolf is the president of the overall association of employers' associations of the metal and electrical industry.

Highest claim since 2008

IG Metall, on the other hand, has been discussed with the demand for eight percent more money for a term of twelve months - and thus the highest demand since 2008. It is evident that the 3000 euros that the The federal government and tax-free are to flow to employers in several one-off payments. Above all, the term and the scope of the salary increases are open. After two and a half weeks of warning strikes, there is a high expectation, said Hofmann.

The collective bargaining this year is under the impression of dramatically increased prices for energy and materials. Employers therefore also call for companies that are already doing badly to relieve. It also takes an understanding of what happens when an energy emergency position occurs.

Where the conversations could develop, the room in the chemical industry shows at the end of October. The IG BCE had agreed with employers at twice 1500 euros tax -free and two stages of 3.25 euros each. With a term of 20 months, according to the union, this results in almost 13 percent more and can almost compensate for the currently high inflation rates.

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