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Enthusiasts: "crime scene" today from Dresden: "Katz und Maus" in the quick check

"depressing": That left behind the scenes of "The Empress" | Interview

 Netflix starts its own SISI film with “ Die Empress ”. The story around Empress Elisabeth captivates many fans. In the Interview with, the actors reveal exclusive details of the filming of Empress Elisabeth, Emperor Franz and Hofdame Leontine. © Netflix "The Empress " The Empress ": Preparation of filming before filming for " The Empress " were able to get to know each other personally. Together with the acting coach Giles Foreman, they tried the scenes.

from the Qanon-Airsinn infiltrated: After the murder of a journalist, the "crime scene" team embarks on a trip to the conspiracy eclipse-music by Joy Division.

  »Tatort« heute aus Dresden: »Katz und Maus« im Schnellcheck © Marcus Glahn / MDR

The scenario:

conspiracy mysticism in escalation mode. After a kidnapped journalist was shot by her masked tormentor in front of running web camera, Gorniak (Karin Hanczewski) and Winkler (Cornelia Gröschel) immerse yourself in the Qanon lies cosmos and lateral thinking. Deep state, dictatorship, lying press - the investigators are delivered to the full program. While you try to decipher the codes with which the perpetrator in need of validity laid a trace of his identity, colleague Schnabel (Martin Brambach) is also kidnapped.

Sam Heughan: This nude scene in Outlander who made it very uncomfortable

 Sam Heughan: This nude scene in Outlander who made it very uncomfortable The actor admitted that showing his body in the first season of the successful series was not easy. © supplied by Bang Showbiz Sam Heughan Sam Heughan admitted that certain scenes in the series "Outlander" were very hard for him because he considers that the creative team "betrayed his confidence" during the first season.

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the highlight:

from the scavenger hunt to the soul show. While the first half still works like a conventional psychopath thriller, in which the colleagues are steered into a bizarre parallel world by means of an exaggerated complicated character and symbols, the second half opens deep insight into the functionality of a manipulated mind. Hans Löw episode actor traces highly sensitive how a slightly unstable person is infiltrated by madness.

The picture:

Little man in front of a large computer wall. In their studies, the commissioners meet a half-female who operates the website with which he spreads Qanon-nonsense from his gamer armchair. "The best thing about conspiracy theories is its irrefutability," says the teenager, while in his eyes a dollar sign seems to shine. Not cute at all: the milk bubi as a conspiracy myths mastermind.

Harry Potter: This Rogue scene that Alan Rickman did not love

 Harry Potter: This Rogue scene that Alan Rickman did not love © Warner Bros. France His role as Severus Rogue, professor at the Hogwarts Magic School in the Harry Potter saga, brought the internationally renowned to Alan Rickman . Which does not necessarily mean that the late British actor appreciated every minute in the skin of his character! In his posthumous work Madly, Deeply: The Diairies of Alan Rickman , published last October, the actor thus evokes a passage from the magic franchise which he did not appreciate at all.

The dialogue:

Commissioner Schnabel is chained to the bed, the kidnapper plans his murder. The investigator tries to save himself that he is involved in a conversation about his daughter.

kidnapper: "If you mention my daughter again, I'll shoot you in the face."

Belabol: "But don't forget to switch on the camera beforehand."

The song:

"Atmosphere" by Joy Division . The almost fully played postpunk classic at the beginning sets the fatalistic basic tone on the journey into the conspiracy eclipse: "Worn like a Mask of Self-Hate / Confronts and then Dies / Don't Walk Away".

The rating:

8 out of 10 points. How does the conspiracy mystic work? Conventionally built psychopath thriller, highly topped up.

The analysis:

Please read continued here !

"Crime scene: Katz und Maus", Sunday, 8:15 p.m., the first

trucks with six factory-new electric cars accidentally crashed on the A4 .
Waltershausen-On the A4 Dresden-Eisenach, a truck with six factory-new e-cars accidentally crashed on Friday. © News5 / Schuchardt The rescue work was complex. News5 / Schuchardt The car transporter came off the road between Waltershausen and Sättelstädt in the morning between Waltershausen and Sättelstädt, broke through the guardrail and slid down a small slope, as the motorway police announced. The van remained overturned in the adjacent field. The 28-year-old driver was slightly injured.

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