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Enthusiasts: Amandine Henry regrets her release against Corine Diacre

“It's a dream come true”: the Pellissard (large families) move in a breathtaking villa, the photos revealed

 “It's a dream come true”: the Pellissard (large families) move in a breathtaking villa, the photos revealed © @family.pellissard.tf1 “It's a dream that comes true” : The Pellissard (large families) move in a breathtaking villa, the photos revealed this Friday, August 26, Télé-Loisirs published exclusively the photos of the superb villa freshly acquired by the Pellissard family. For Amandine Pellissard , Star Maman of the TF1 Family Families program: Life in XXL , summer has not been synonymous with vacation, quite the contrary.

The former captain of the French team, Amandine Henry, admitted that she was bad there two years ago when she criticized Corinne Diacre.

Amandine Henry France © Panoramic Amandine Henry France

Amandine Henry is no longer part of the French women's team. Although efficient with her club and despite her immense experience, the Lyonnaise is blacklisted by Corinne Diacre. After rebelling against this decision at the start, she understands with hindsight that the selector has definitively turned her back on her.

Henry would have liked to "wash the dirty laundry with family"

"With hindsight, I told myself that it is certain that as a coach you feel injured when he heard that, she said on Canal+. Make this in the public square was not the best way to do it. But at the time, I didn't see it like that. Since then, confidence has been broken. While we could have washed dirty laundry with family. My goal was to get a title for the French team and not injure the selector. "

"Alexandre lied": Laura Cash on her adventure in "Love is in the meadow"

 © M6 "Alexandre lied": Laura Cash on his adventure in "Love is in the meadow" Monday September 26, 2022, in a new episode of love is in the meadow, on M6, the situation between Laura and Alexandre tarnished. Wednesday, October 5, 2022, the contender of the cow breeder returned to his adventure, in a video published on Instagram. A huge disappointment… Monday, February 14, 2022, M6 broadcast The portraits of new candidates from L'amour is in Pré .

It was through an interview with the encrypted channel that Henry had chosen to express itself and highlight everything that did not work in the Blues. At the time, she thought she was doing well: "We had a rhythm of life of the group which was quite complicated. The management system also complicated. I brought him back that you have to change that, because it was really hard. I had to go up a collective feeling as a captain. She didn't accept what I said. The Paranoia system then started. "

The Henry Capes counter stopped at 93 units. She recognizes that life without selection is painful: "The French team still remains a window, and when you are no longer there, you are less highlighted. It is not dramatic, but it is above all the gaze of others. We will question you. She has dropped level, she is too watching ... and even the individual rewards, when you are not selected, you do not have to be summoned. "

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