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Enthusiasts: app in the Bode Museum wants to make works of art more tangible

Heritage Days near Rennes. Armored and initiation to the Morse Museum

 Heritage Days near Rennes. Armored and initiation to the Morse Museum © Archives Ouest-France A multi-role shielded vehicle Griffon, one of the last entry into the army park (here a copy of the 11th Rama) is presented this Weekend at the Transmissions Museum .. L'Espace Ferrié, the Museum of the Weapons of Transmissions in Cesson-Sévigné, near Rennes, is open this Saturday and Sunday, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Guided tours, demonstrations and exhibition of two modern army vehicles are on the program.

with sculptures via app Chat: A new project in the Berlin Bode Museum should make works of art for visitors in an original way. The "Perfect Match" app developed by students from the University of Greifswald is based on the principle of dating apps, as the project managers explained on Monday when presenting the application.

Eine Frau steht im Bode-Museum mit ihrem Handy vor der Figur des Markus (r). © Gerd Roth/dpa A woman stands in the Bode Museum with her cell phone in front of the figure of the Markus (R).

a photo of the art object appears on the cell phone screen. If the museum visitor likes it, he can wipe to the right. If the artwork also finds the user interesting, a personal chat opens. The sculpture of the sculptor Michel Erhart "Our Lady with child" (around 1480) is called an "exemplary mother" in the app. In this way,

"Smoke on the roofs": an unknown canvas of Fernand Léger Discovery on the back of another painting of the artist in the Netherlands

 of art experts in the Netherlands announced Thursday, October 6, 2022 having discovered an important Work of the French cubist painter Fernand Léger (1881-1955) hidden for more than a century on the back of one of his other paintings. © provided by Franceinfo It is a real discovery that Dutch experts have just made this Thursday, October 6, the Hague (Netherlands). A hitherto unknown work of the French painter Fernand Léger (1881-1955).

should be given a closer look at the history of the exhibits and the museum visit becomes more personal, as art historian Isabelle Dolezalek from the University of Greifswald said. The app is based on an application of the "Museum4punkt0" federal project, in which new formats for museums are developed.

The application should also be transferable to other houses. Some museums already have comparable projects. So far, there are about 20 works of art to match the Bode Museum's app. A digital conversation does not come about with everyone. Some objects are rather moody in chat, others funny or professional.

Map. Street-art, climbing and sciences: seven stages for a family walk in Rennes .
© ARCHIVES OUEST-FRANCE A 900 m² wall on Boulevard Colombier, in Rennes, was invested by artists. The Tour of Carrousel and the gourmet passage by the stores of rue Vasselot are among the essential stages for a family walk in Rennes. But it is also an opportunity to take an interest in art in the streets and the museum, and why not do a little climbing ... "Voyages to the west" takes you for a seven stages. © Archives Ouest-France L’Espace Sciences des Champs Libres, in Rennes.

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