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Enthusiasts: Evo Morales criticizes the "traitors" led by Arce who accepted "governability in exchange for impunity".

pilot strike brakes Eurowings: Numerous flight cancellations

 pilot strike brakes Eurowings: Numerous flight cancellations pilots from the airline Eurowings stepped into a full -day strike on Thursday. The industrial dispute started as planned, said a spokesman for the Union Association Cockpit (VC). Eurowings assumes that about half of all flights will fail on Thursday. On average, Eurowings runs around 500 flights a day and promotes 50,000 to 70,000 passengers to travel destinations in Germany and Europe.

Archives - Evo Morales, ancien président bolivien - EL UNIVERSAL / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO © supplied by News 360 Archives - Evo Morales, former Bolivian president - El Universal / Zuma Press / Contactophoto

The leader of the ruling party in Bolivie, the Movimiento al Socialismo (Mas), Evo Morales, criticized the agreement Concluded between the government and the opposition, and was particularly attached to the "traitors" led by President Luis Arce who accepted "the governability in exchange for impunity".

"I am sorry to see that the sowing campaign against the national management of the Mas-IPSP continues. The operators of the impunity pact, who were allied with the law of putschists, combine to attack us. Governance In exchange for impunity is the true betrayal of the people, "published Mr. Morales on Twitter on Saturday.

Spy software used in at least five European countries

 Spy software used in at least five European countries The European Inquiry Commission denounces their illegitimate use in at least five European countries View onononews © Mariscal/AP The investigation reveals that political figures, journalists and journalists and journalists and journalists and journalists Businessmen have been listened to by spy software Greece, Spain, Hungary, Cyprus and Poland are the subject of a meticulous examination on the part of the PEGA commission of the European Parliament.

He had previously assured that "to justify and disguise their pact with the right, the traitors renovators accuse the Mas-IPSP of looking for a shortened mandate". "They forget that the only ones who shorten the mandates are their allies of the coup, Camacho, Tuto Quiroga and Mesa. Stop persecuting our militancy," he said.

In response, the opposition Comunidad Ciudadana believes that these criticisms reveal that Morales is a "dictator" and does not understand the logic of democracy.

"Morales only understands politics as a zero -sum game, where the enemy must be crushed, where it is necessary to obtain total victories and total defeats, when it is not the scenario of democracy but of the war, violence and confrontation, "said the deputy for Comunidad Ciudadana Carlos Alarcón.

"When there are legitimate agreements like this, they obviously contradict it because they pass his political logic of war on consensus and agreement, which is the true role of a democratic parliament . He is a dictator, an autocrat, he does not understand democracy where, in a plural society, the only way to resolve conflicts is to resort to democratic institutions, "he said.

For former President Jorge "Tuto" Quiroga, "Evo is hysterical: he does not want peace in Bolivia, neither the sanitation of the electoral lists, nor the redistribution of resources, nor the reshuffle of seats for the elections of 2025 ".

DAX is not very moving in Wednesday trading - impulless trade on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange .
The middle of the Frankfurt stock exchange parquet. © provided by Indranil Mukherjee/AFP/Getty Images of the DAX on Wednesday, 0.13 percent was more firmer at 14,013.72 points. Most recently, the stock market barometer wrote 0.14 percent more firmly at 14,014.45 points and thus climbs just over the round of 14,000-point mark. calm trade on the stock exchange lacks impulses between the years. Many investors are on vacation in the last week of the year.

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